Friday, October 10, 2008

Quote of the Day: More ACORN Fraud

"Well, it’s a new day and there are new reports of fraud by the radical leftwing, pro-Obama group ACORN. (For the record, Obama once served as an ACORN lawyer and trainer, and the group formally endorsed his candidacy in February. Oh, his campaign also paid $800,000 to an ACORN subsidiary for get-out-the-vote work this year.)

Last night, a federal judge ruled that the Ohio Secretary of State, a Democrat, was in violation of federal law and was not doing enough to prevent voter fraud. What would give the judge that idea? The New York Post reports today that one Cleveland man admits to being given cash and cigarettes by ACORN activists for registering to vote – 72 times! The judge has ordered the Secretary of State’s office to verify newly registered voters with Social Security and Motor Vehicle databases. Stay tuned…

Meanwhile, there is a disturbing report out of Harris County, Texas, where more than 4,000 dead people were found to be on voter registration rolls. Some of the deceased apparently cast ballots in the March primary! Talk about “absentee voting.” Remember, friends, just over 500 votes in Florida decided the 2000 election. This is why it is so important for men and women of faith to be engaged in the political arena. The radical Left will stop at nothing to win – even registering one man 72 times.

Here’s some good news. Earlier this week, we demanded that ACORN be investigated and that it be cut off from taxpayer money. I’m pleased to report that at a campaign rally in Wisconsin yesterday, Senator John McCain demanded an investigation of ACORN, and congressional Republicans have sent a letter to the Federal Housing Finance Agency demanding that it “cut off any funding that could wind up in ACORN’s coffers.”

Senator John Ensign of Nevada, whose state raided ACORN offices this week, said, “We’re wasting way too much money in Washington, D.C., and this is just a perfect example of taxpayers’ monies that are being flushed down the toilet and actually doing harm to our democracy.”

Gary Bauer
Campaign for Working Families