Thursday, October 9, 2008

Quote of the Day

"I saw this headline yesterday in the online version of the Washington Post, it may answer the question of where we are going:

Fed Moves to Boost Lending With New Fund

Purchase of commercial paper, or short-term debt, puts central bank in unprecedented position of, in effect, funding individual companies.”

"The italics are mine… folks, this is unabashed socialism… as opposed to the mere ‘abashed’ socialism inherent in the bailout bill.

For the 70 or so among you that got The Road to Serfdom from us via download, if you haven’t read it yet, skip to the comic in back and note the similarities. Also note the cheating by the Obama folks to try and win this election… do you think such people will be above similar tactics to try and push their agenda once in office? If they’d do it now, why wouldn’t they do it later? If you’d like a copy of Hayek’s (short) and famous tract about economics and freedom called “The Road to Serfdom,” email us at and let us know and we’ll email you a copy you can read on your computer (it’s about 30+ pages long).

My last thought here is that now that the government now dominates the financial services industry, and over half of all of the money in healthcare is either paid by or directed by government, we now have two HUGE sectors of our economy that have been socialized, if not yet nationalized. If this isn’t a bit more than a mere slippery slope, I don’t know what is…"

Senator Ken Cuccinelli

Virginia 37th District