Friday, April 3, 2009


Guest Columnist John Callahan

Thomas Jefferson once said (paraphrased) that a little revolution every now and then is good for a country. Also in a Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens identified the necessity for sacrifice to achieve happiness both at national and a personal level. The current Congress is establishing a regime depicting themselves as the noble men of old, and the rest of the nation as peasants, ignoring the fact it’s the citizens who must suffer and sacrifice to accomplish their goals. Essentially, Congress is practicing taxation without representation, forcing the necessity for that Revolution Thomas Jefferson so eloquently described to come about.

As every day a new “ear mark” is uncovered in the latest 400 billion dollar budget being touted by congress, it becomes crystal clear that the nobles are willing to spend money on just about anything that would insure a continued position in power. Does anyone think frivolous pork spending is a good idea in today’s crumbling economy? When most of the common folks are cutting back on everything from groceries to doctor bills, our congress gives away billions on welfare and health care for illegals while American citizens scratch to survive.

This congress has lost the purpose for their being in office. Somewhere along the way, they forgot that congress was established to protect the American citizens, not line the pockets of the elite or pay for future votes.

Its time now to put all of Congress on notice to either clean up this trillion dollar mess they’re creating or get out of office. If our elected officials are unable to fix this governmental mess, than it’s time to leave office. They can leave on their own, or the people of the great United States can stand up for what they believe in and bring out the “tar and feathers” and escort them out.

Revolutions have developed many times in the past due to officials overstepping positional boundaries, destroying citizens’ liberties and freedoms in the name of progress.

The current Congress is doing the same and it’s time for American citizens to tell Congress to cease their reckless spending and end the give away programs, and go back to basics.

The taxes paid by hard-working citizens should not be wasted in solving problems of other nation’s citizens. Until the United States is out of this faltering economy, Congressmen must devote their time in protection of citizens of this nation and nothing more. No more loans to bankers, insurance companies automobile dealers or playing Santa Claus for non-US entities. Treat these groups the same as you treat the rest of the businesses filing bankruptcy in America.

Congressmen are not nobility, but workers hired by the citizens. And citizens do not expect these hired workers to waste tax dollars on private jets for weekend jaunts either. Congress has elated their positions, forgotten their job and purpose and reasons for their positions. It’s time to fire up the tar pot and pluck the chickens and remind them.