Monday, June 7, 2010

More Democrat Lies

Mattie Corrao, Executive Director for the Center for Fiscal Accountability, has news on the latest Democrat treachery against the American taxpayer.

A Harvard study was released last Friday that demonstrates the negative effect government spending has on private business. With unemployment teetering around 10 percent after over a year of "stimulus," we hardly find this news surprising.

After promising to cut spending all week, House Democrats voted to extend pay raises for themselves and other federal workers before leaving for a week-long holiday…courtesy of the American taxpayers, of course.

This vote came on the heels of an announcement by British Prime Minister David Cameron that he would start putting government spending online. It seems politicians across the pond are a bit more keen on keeping their promises.

Last week also saw the release of new job numbers, which were bad news for taxpayers struggling to make ends meet under the excessive spending of this administration.

While Congressional leaders were home in their districts, the President still kept us busy with claims that his spending “freeze” will put the nation on the path to fiscal restraint. Taxpayers realize, however, that freezing expenditures after two years of out-of-control spending is not prudent – it’s a bait-and-switch on fiscal thrift.

President Obama is also ramping up his efforts to promote his Administration’s floundering policies, scheduling several speeches over the course of a few weeks. We pointed out some of the fiscal fallacies in his recent speech in Pittsburg, PA.

In state news, the Indiana state Minority Leader has pledged to introduce spending transparency legislation after she was told there would be no comprehensive information available on spending and budget cuts until the end of the fiscal year. We will be watching her efforts when the state legislature returns.

Also, our friends at the American Legislative Exchange Council released their annual “Rich States, Poor States” report, which documents the success of pro-growth, low-tax states and explores the failures of high-tax, excessive spending states like California and New York.

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