Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Free Brian Aitken

from the National Association for Gun Rights

"Despite not violating ANY of New Jersey’s outrageous firearms laws, Brian was arrested for the “unlawful” possession of a handgun.

Throughout his trial, the anti-gun statists in the New Jersey legal system routinely blocked Brian’s attorney from presenting evidence of Brian’s innocence. New Jersey law specifically states that the transportation of handguns between residences is legal.

Despite the incontrovertible evidence that Brian was transporting his legally purchased handguns from his mother’s home to his new apartment, the anti-gun Judge refused to permit Brian’s legal team from informing the jury of this portion of state law.

Jurors even asked the judge three times if state law contained exemptions for the transportation of handguns from one residence to another, but the anti-gun crusader disguised as a judge refused to answer.

Additionally, federal law allows for the transportation of firearms between residences without fear of state prosecution; however, the same anti-gun judge refused to take federal law into consideration in Brian’s case.

Brian Aitken was convicted of felony possession of a handgun and faces up to seven years in jail.

Think you’re safe 'cause you live in a “pro-gun” state? Think again.

Expect to hear statists across the country calling for increased enforcement of “existing” gun law.

That’s code for twisting current law to maliciously prosecute gun owners, and it’s nothing new: the institutional gun lobby has been promoting this for more than a decade.

State and local governments will respond to this anti-gun cattle call and will race to create new ways to infringe upon your rights through bureaucratic fiat and “rule” changes.

That’s exactly what happened in New Jersey and an innocent man was convicted simply because he owned guns