Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Criminalizing Judeo-Christian Values

Gary L. Bauer
American Values
For those of you who appreciate biblical references, we've been telling you that the handwriting is on the wall when it comes to the radical agenda of the militant homosexual rights movement. It is trying to criminalize the teaching of the Bible and punish those who dare defend God's ordained institution of marriage. Well, here we go.

Last month a homosexual rights group dragged Pastor Scott Lively into a Massachusetts federal court and essentially charged him with "crimes against humanity." The suit alleges that Lively's preaching and support for legislation in Uganda criminalizing homosexual behavior directly contributed to violence against homosexuals in the country.

And who is behind the lawsuit? The left's biggest benefactor -- George Soros. The plaintiffs in the case are being represented by the Center for Constitutional Rights, which is funded by Soros.

Fortunately the judge seemed highly critical of the Center's claim that Lively could be held responsible. But this lawsuit is a dangerous precedent that exposes the Left's intolerance for our First Amendment rights of free speech and religious liberty.