Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Passed the House

Rob Bell

Delegate, 58th District

Today was "crossover," which is the last day that bills can pass the House and be sent over to the Senate. I was pleased that three of my bills to combat voter fraud passed.

House Bill 1765 - Requires the State Police to help identify felons among those who are registering to vote and to help the State Board of Elections to identify felons that are already on the voter rolls.

House Bill 1764 - Requires Virginia to work with other states to ensure that no voter is registered in two states at the same time.

House Bill 2331 - Gives the Virginia Attorney General independent authority to prosecute violations of election laws, instead of having to wait to be invited.

Additionally, Delegate Mark Cole's House Bill 1337 has passed the House of Delegates, too. HB 1337 will stop some of the worst forms of voter fraud, by eliminating a utility bill or bank statement as forms of identification for voting. HB 1337 does not go as far as my House Bill 1787 (which would have required no-exceptions photo ID). However, it does improve our voting laws, and I support it.

Now that they have passed the House, these voter fraud bills are only halfway through the legislative process. To become law, they will have to now be passed by the State Senate in their current form, before they can be signed into law by the Governor. I'll keep you posted!