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Staff Members From Rep. Robert Hurt's Office To Hold Local Office Hours In Rappahannock County

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Staff members from Congressman Robert Hurt’s (R-Virginia) office will be holding Local Office Hours in Rappahannock County on Friday, May 3, to meet with constituents who need assistance with federal agencies. For more information, please visit our Local Office Hours Interactive Map.

Friday, May 3, 2013


10:00 -12:00 PM

Local Office Hours In Rappahannock County

Rappahannock County Library

Jamieson Room

4 Library Road

Washington, VA

Rep. Robert Hurt To Make Stops In Danville And Pittsylvania County Tomorrow

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Robert Hurt (R-Virginia) will make stops in Danville and Pittsylvania County tomorrow, Wednesday, May 1st:

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


9:30 AM

Robert Hurt To Visit Danville Lifesaving Crew           

202 Christopher Lane

Danville, VA


10:30 AM

Robert Hurt To Stop By O'Taste And See

1055 Piney Forest Road

Danville, VA


11:00 AM

Robert Hurt To Deliver Remarks At URW Community Federal Credit Union Ribbon Cutting

341 Lowes Drive

Danville, VA


12:30 PM

Robert Hurt To Stop By Jones And Sons Welding, Inc.

3446 U.S. Highway 29

Danville, VA


1:30 PM

Robert Hurt To Tour Unique Industries

225 Toy Lane

Blairs, VA


2:30 PM

Robert Hurt To Stop By Perkins Tire

13384 U.S. Highway 29

Chatham, VA


3:15 PM

Robert Hurt To Stop By Tightsqueeze Hardware

220 Tightsqueeze Road

Chatham, VA


4:15 PM

Robert Hurt To Stop By Elba Butcher Shop

102 S. Shelton Road

Gretna, VA

Monday, April 29, 2013

Obama: "God Bless Planned Parenthood"

Gary L. Bauer
American Values

Friday I wrote about the extraordinary act of Barack Obama becoming the first sitting president to address the leading destroyer of unborn children at its national convention. It was shocking that Obama would do so while Kermit Gosnell stands trial. But I want to go back to Obama's speech as it highlights two important aspects of this debate.

Kermit Gosnell is an African American. He built his clinic in the middle of a mostly African American community. His targets were mostly unborn minority babies. He treated black women like they were cattle. His staff members have testified that women were often put on tables covered with sheets still soiled with blood from previous abortions.

When the occasional white woman came to his abortion mill, his mostly black staff noticed how Gosnell treated them differently. When they complained, he laughed it off, saying, "That's the way of the world." Gosnell is a black man who hates babies and practiced racism in his own mill.

Standing there before Planned Parenthood, Obama had the perfect opportunity to denounce Gosnell. Yet, like so much of the left-wing media, Obama did not mention him. To this day the president, the first man of color in the White House who is able to emote about injustice at the drop of a hat, has not denounced what Gosnell did.

Why not? Sadly, one can only conclude that it is because he is so committed to the carnage of innocent unborn children that he will tolerate virtually anything to make sure he does not in any way undermine that "right."

But at the end of his speech, Obama did something truly astonishing. He said, "Thank you, Planned Parenthood. God bless you. God bless America.  Thank you."

Barack Obama called on the God of the universe, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who hung stars in sky, to bless Planned Parenthood. Obama called on the God who knows us so well that He knows the number of hairs on our heads to bless Planned Parenthood. Obama called the God who said "I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life," to bless Planned Parenthood.

For many men and women of faith, that was a jarring, perhaps even shameful, moment.

The King's Speech to Planned Parenthood

Tony Perkins'

Family Research Council

President Obama's speech to Planned Parenthood on Friday was more than 1,600 words--but not one of them was "abortion." If verbal gymnastics were a sport, the President could have medaled for his pep talk to the country's largest abortion profiteer! His speech, the first to Planned Parenthood by a sitting President, was surprisingly affectionate toward a group that's currently in court for defrauding Medicaid, botching abortions, and overbilling the government for birth control. What's more, the President spoke to Planned Parenthood even though its staff knew about Kermit Gosnell's butcher shop and refused to report it.

Among other things, he praised the group for "providing quality health care to women across America" and lamented the fact that pro-lifers were fighting to make that "care" safe. "...[A]fter decades of progress, there's still those who want to turn back the clock to policies more suited to the 1950s than the 21st century. And they've been involved in an orchestrated and historic effort to roll back basic rights when it comes to women's health. Forty-two states have introduced laws that would ban or severely limit access to a woman's right to choose... When you read about some of these laws, you want to check the calendar; you want to make sure you're still living in 2013."

Of course, in the 1950s, doctors didn't know that babies could feel pain at 20 weeks in the womb--or that ultrasounds would be advanced enough to show tiny children yawning or sucking their thumbs. If anything, it's the abortion movement that's stuck in the past--performing back-alley type abortions in the comfort of their legally-protected clinics and refusing to bring their facilities up to date with common-sense medical standards. They lobby to kill born-alive children like barbarians and somehow we're behind the times? "No matter how fierce the opposition," President Obama promised, "if there's one thing the past few years have shown, it's that Planned Parenthood is not going anywhere. It's not going anywhere today. It's not going anywhere tomorrow."

Unfortunately for America, Planned Parenthood isn't going anywhere until Congress and local legislatures decide to stop propping it up with millions of taxpayer dollars. Until then, pro-lifers can take comfort in the huge strides made by leaders in several states, who continue to do everything they can to give women and children the protection they deserve.

Family Research Council

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

'Right to Shoes' Event Laced with Irony

Tony Perkins
Family Research Council

While the President refused to comment on the savagery of Kermit Gosnell, his appearance at Planned Parenthood's Maryland fundraiser says plenty. For President Obama, the return to "normalcy" after last week's tragedies means promoting the industry that gave rise to the "human butcher." A day after Gosnell's attorney "fell ill" (probably sick at the thought of defending the man), President Obama confirmed his defense of an organization that stands behind Gosnell's sadistic techniques.

In a move that their PR team must have questioned, the First Couple will join a special Thursday gala to toast an organization that fights for the "choice" of killing babies born alive. Three weeks ago, while witnesses in the Gosnell trial were tearfully remembering their boss's instructions to "slit the throat" of a newborn 20 minutes old, Planned Parenthood was 830 miles away trying to stop doctors from saving babies just like her. The abortion giant's own lobbyist looked Florida legislators in the eye and insisted that medical care is for wanted babies--not accidental survivors of a botched abortion.

"We believe that any decision that's made should be left up to the woman, her family, and the physician," Alisa LaPolt Snow told a committee in complete disbelief. On that issue, Planned Parenthood and Barack Obama stand alone. Not a single Florida state representative could bring themselves to do once what Barack Obama did four times--vote against life-saving treatments for living, breathing infants.

In 48 hours, the leader of the free world will put his presidential seal of approval on an organization whose icy indifference extends to far more than tiny children. Turns out, the back-alley squalor of Gosnell's clinic isn't all that uncommon. In the multi-billion dollar empire of Planned Parenthood, you'd think clinics could afford to clean their equipment or sanitize bloody tables.

Well, they may have the money (thanks to taxpayers), but they lack the motivation. At the end of March, two nurses from Planned Parenthood of Delaware quit the business for fear they'd lose their licenses over the third-world conditions of the branch's operating rooms. "They were using instruments on patients that were not sterile," one said of the clinics' "meat market" mentality. "I couldn't tell you how ridiculously unsafe it was," Ms. Mitchell-Werbrich explained. "[The doctor] didn't wear gloves. He didn't believe he needed to," she told authorities.

And these health hazards aren't all President Obama is condoning when he speaks on Planned Parenthood's behalf. It takes a lot of nerve to stand up in front of the world and declare your support for an organization accused of defrauding your own administration. For a man who's done the bulk of his Planned Parenthood fundraising through unwilling taxpayers, the President seems amazingly unconcerned about the organization's nationwide Medicaid racket or, for that matter, its criminal cover-ups, falsified patient records, racially-motivated donations, or its pro-prostitution, pro-human trafficking counseling. Why on earth would anyone raise more money for an organization that can't be trusted with the $542 million Americans are forced to give it every year? As far as Planned Parenthood is concerned, it literally pays to break the law. In President Obama's latest budget proposal, he suggested rewarding the organization defending itself against multi-state lawsuits with an extra $30 million in funding!

Meanwhile, Jill Stanek wasn't the only one who noticed the sick irony of the name for Planned Parenthood's fundraiser: "Right to Shoes." Most pro-lifers probably couldn't help but think of the grand jury report and the chilling photos of severed baby feet on Gosnell's shelf. For years, tiny footprints have been the symbol of the pro-life movement. And tragically for millions of unborn children, Planned Parenthood never recognized their right to shoes.

Competition Still Works

Senator Mark Obenshain

This shouldn't be news, but competition still works.

Bids recently came in for the largest of the three design-build packages for Phase 2 of the Silver Line Metrorail Extension, and they're well under budget. How often does that happen?

The project remains expensive, but the low bid for roughly half of Phase 2 came in at $1,178,000,000, suggesting that Phase 2 could come in $400 million under budget. As Jim Bacon wrote, "Perhaps the most notable aspect of the bid is that [the low bidder] is an open-shop enterprise. Had MWAA imposed a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) requirement on the job, non-union companies might have been discouraged from bidding, making the process significantly less competitive."

In 2012, I carried legislation prohibiting the state from requiring union-only PLAs, limiting competition and sidelining Virginia's open shops.

When Virginia conditioned funding of Metrorail extension on jettisoning the unfair and anti-competitive PLA provision, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) relented. That decision is beginning to pay off. Greater competition kept costs in check.

The other half of the project remains to be bid, but this round delivered two bids under $1.2 billion where MWAA had projected costs of $1.4 - $1.6 billion. Competition works.

Even for those who oppose it. Democrats voted in lockstep against the PLA ban. That includes Senator Mark Herring, a Democratic candidate for Attorney General who represents Loudoun County, which stands to benefit the most from these savings — particularly when it comes to Dulles Toll Road rates.

Project Labor Agreements were designed as an end-round of Virginia's Right to Work laws, and these bids are a helpful reminder of why those laws are so important.

There's a good chance that Right to Work laws will be the next big battle with the federal government. As your next Attorney General, you can count on me to defend Virginia's Right to Work law to the hilt. Because, put simply, Right to Work works.

Staff Members From Robert Hurt's Office To Hold Local Office Hours In Franklin County


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Staff members from Congressman Robert Hurt’s (R-Virginia) office will be holding Local Office Hours in Franklin County on Friday, April 26, to meet with constituents who need assistance with federal agencies. For more information, please visit our Local Office Hours Interactive Map.

Friday, April 26, 2013


9:00 – 11:00 AM

Local Office Hours In Franklin County

Franklin County Government Center

B-75 Training Room

1255 Franklin Street

Rocky Mount, VA

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Brought to you by islam:

Boston Shoe bomber
London bombers
Madrid bombers
USS Cole
Beltway sniper
Ft Hood
WTC x2
Times SQ

Monday, April 22, 2013

Praying For Boston

Congressman Robert Hurt

Weekly Column 4/22/13


Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those in Boston as we mourn the loss of innocent lives, pray for recovery for those injured, and come together as a nation determined to bring those guilty to justice.  The terror we saw in Boston is a stark reminder of how precious the freedoms are that we hold so dear and how lucky we are to live in a country that does not tolerate such terror and hate.


The events in Boston reaffirm the importance of ensuring our national security officials have the proper resources to prevent and defend American citizens from future terrorist attacks. I thank all of our first responders for their bravery and concern at the time of the attack. And we commend our law enforcement for their service and relentless determination to apprehend the suspect so that justice may be served. Investigating links to terrorist extremists so that we may prevent future attacks is critical in the coming days and weeks, and we stand behind our military and intelligence officials who are working to do so.


Americans are a resilient people and from this we will only emerge stronger and more unified. Let us remember those lives lost at the Boston Marathon and send thoughts and prayers from Virginia’s 5th District to all those who were affected by this senseless act of terror.


If you need any additional information, please visit my website at hurt.house.gov or call my Washington office: (202) 225-4711, Charlottesville office: (434) 973-9631, Danville office: (434) 791-2596, or Farmville office: (434) 395-0120.   

Exploiting The Boston Bombing

Gary L. Bauer

Believe it or not, Reuters and some liberal politicians are citing the Boston jihadists as justification for tougher gun control laws. Here's the reasonsing, and I use that term loosely: The two men were not licensed to own guns, did not go through background checks, thus we need more laws.

As the Reverend Al Sharpton said, "How can we have such upheaval, such bedlam, and people don't even want to check who we allow to have deadly weapons. Something don't make sense to me." 

The left-wing ideology doesn't make sense to me. Think about that for a second: The criminals were obviously ignoring laws on the books and the left's solution is to pass more laws that criminals will undoubtedly ignore, but that will create additional burdens for law-abiding Americans!

FRC Congratulates Kansas, Gov. Brownback for Authorizing Stem Cell Research Center

WASHINGTON - Family Research Council (FRC) congratulated Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and the state of Kansas for the passage and signing of Kansas SB 199. The law establishes a new adult stem cell research and treatment center at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City's medical school.

FRC's Senior Fellow Dr. David Prentice has testified in Kansas for years about the benefits of ethical adult stem cell treatments, based on their published scientific record. He promoted the idea of an adult stem cell center in talks with legislators, educators, doctors, and patients. He also helped write the legislation, and served as a scientific witness in legislative testimony. Of the bill signing Dr. Prentice said:

"With the signing of SB 199, Governor Sam Brownback has taken the first step toward making Kansas an international hub for scientific advancement and life-saving treatment. Through the creation of the Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center, Gov. Brownback has demonstrated a commitment to both scientific advancement and a culture of life.

"This bill would not have passed without the effort of Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook, who authored and sponsored the bill and has worked tirelessly for years to promote ethical medical treatments and research. Senator Pilcher-Cook has been a prime advocate for the proven success of adult stem cells in treatments as well as ethical research. Her principled stand for life is an inspiration."

Of the Dr. Prentice's work FRC President Tony Perkins said the following:

"For many years, Dr. David Prentice has been one of the world's leading experts on the many life-saving uses of ethical adult stem cell treatments. His efforts in Kansas will bring leading-edge scientific and medical research and treatment to people around the world. This is a major achievement, and my colleagues and I at Family Research Council applaud David's outstanding work."

The Center will be unique as a comprehensive stem cell center. It will focus first on treating patients with adult stem cells, which have a proven track record as life savers and life extenders, treating over 60,000 people a year for dozens of diseases around the globe. The Center will also train doctors on the use of adult stem cells for treatments, conduct research and clinical trials to develop more patient therapies, educate people about stem cell treatments, and create a global database of available therapies for use by physicians and patients.

To read Dr. Prentice's statement from today's bill signing, click here: http://downloads.frc.org/EF/EF13D87.pdf

To read more about life-saving and ethical adult stem cell treatments, click here: http://www.stemcellresearchfacts.org/

Friday, April 19, 2013

Senator Mark Warner Key Vote to Taxing the Internet

John Tate, President
Campaign for Liberty

Virginians --

Inside sources report your senator, Mark Warner, may be the deciding vote on taxing the Internet. 
And the vote is likely to take place next week.
In a payoff to massive retailers such as Walmart, as well as state and local governments hungry to spend even more of your tax dollars, Senator Harry Reid is about to ram through a federally mandated Internet sales tax.
Reid is so desperate to get his way that he completely skipped the committee process to bring the bill to the floor.
The last time this issue was voted on, your senator sided with high-priced D.C. lobbyists, big corporations, and establishment insiders to support the National Internet Tax Mandate.

That's why it's absolutely critical you turn up the pressure right away by calling Senator Warner at 202-224-2023.

Urge him to stand with the taxpayers by opposing the National Internet Tax Mandate on every vote.

As a reminder, this Mandate:
  • Allows states to tax businesses without any "physical presence" in their state, ignoring the standard established by the Supreme Court in Quill v. North Dakota.
  • Essentially provides big-spending governors with new bailout money through the federal government imposing more taxes on their citizens.  Virginia's "Tax Hike Bob" McDonnell is even counting on it to help fund his transportation boondoggle!
  • Forces you to pay higher taxes if you buy goods online, even if you live in a state with no sales taxes!
  • Removes any downward pressure on sales tax rates, since many individuals and businesses required to pay them will be located out of state and have little, if any, recourse against politicians who hike tax rates.
  • Frees tax collectors in one state to pursue retailers across state lines.
  • Opens the door for governments to access and keep records of our Internet purchases.
A truly conservative, limited government approach to the issue would see brick-and-mortar businesses trying to reduce the heavy hand of government taxation and regulation so they could better compete with online businesses.

Not forcing online retailers to remain in compliance with thousands of tax jurisdictions and ripping more money away from hard-working Americans during these rough economic times!

If enough liberty-minded Americans raise their voices, you and I can halt this statist plan in its tracks.

One phone call to oppose more taxing power for Big Government bureaucrats takes less than a minute to make.

So please contact Senator Warner right away at 202-224-2023.

Let's show Harry Reid that no matter how many attacks he throws our way, the liberty movement will never stop fighting back.

P.S.  Inside sources have told me Harry Reid could force a vote in the Senate on the National Internet Tax Mandate next week.

The last time this issue was voted on, your senator sided with high-priced D.C. lobbyists, big corporations, and establishment insiders to support the National Internet Tax Mandate.

So please turn up the pressure right away by calling Senator Warner at 202-224-2023 and urging him to oppose the National Internet Tax Mandate on every vote.

Saint Louie: Rep. Gohmert Steps up Pressure on SPLC

Tony Perkins' Washington Update

Family Research Council

One Republican who isn't afraid to speak his mind? Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), who took to the House floor yesterday to condemn the actions of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in misdirecting law enforcers from the real culprits in the murders of local Texas officials. The Obama administration, Rep. Gohmert explained, has helped give SPLC a special level of "credibility, when they do not deserve credibility, because of the pain and suffering the organization caused." He devoted his time on the floor to educating America on the real agenda of SPLC, which is to fear-monger its way into people's wallets and raise money on claims that have no root in reality.

"It was the Southern Poverty Law Center," Louie told the C-SPAN audience, "that claimed Family Research Council was a 'hate group, stirred up animosity against them that eventually played a role, as we found out later, [in the shooting at their headquarters]. No one wanted to jump to conclusions, but it was very clear that their branding the Family Research Council as being hateful simply because they held religious beliefs protected by a Constitution that marriage is between a man and a woman, the Southern Poverty Law Center stirred up animosity, and rage... And on the fateful day, not so long ago, a gunman came to the Family Research Council with a bunch of Chick-fil-A sandwiches and a gun and--but for the valiant work of the man that stopped him and got shot in the process--there could well have been 15 dead Family Research Council employees with 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches beside them."

Click here to view

President Reagan's Future

Rob Bell
Delegate, 58th District

On Ronald Reagan's 102nd birthday a few months ago, I wrote about having the privilege of seeing the President and asking him a question at his visit to the University of Virginia.

At the time, I only had a transcript of the exchange, but our amazing campaign intern Peter researched and found the footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W386pFQvG00

While my voice makes me sound 13 years old, I was in fact a recent college graduate! (I recall having a different question, but when it became clear that mine would be last, I changed it to give President Reagan a chance to talk about his future.)

What strikes me the most about the clip were the three issues President Reagan wanted to fight for after his presidency: line item veto, a balanced budget amendment and America's national security. These are – obviously – still critically important issues for our national and state leaders.


Tweet of the Day


Obama Refused to deport Muslim Boston Bomber after 2009 criminal conviction violated immigration rules

Obamacare "Train Wreck"

Gary L. Bauer

Three years ago, conservatives warned that Obamacare was a job killer. Liberals laughed off the warnings. Yet since its enactment, the economy has remained sluggish at best and the unemployment rate remains stubbornly high. Obamacare is unquestionably a big part of the problem.

Many small businesses are reluctant to hire new employees because of its mandates and others, as we have reported, are actually cutting back on workers' hours. This week the nation's largest movie theater company, Regal Entertainment Group, announced that it too had started reducing the hours of its employees. In a letter to managers, the company stated:

"To comply with the Affordable Care Act, Regal had to increase our health care budget to cover those newly deemed eligible based on the law's definition of a full-time employee. To manage this budget, all other employees will be scheduled in accord with business needs and in a manner that will not negatively impact our health care budget."

Once again, big government mandates are hurting the working poor -- the very people liberals claim they are trying to help.

As more and more folks start to find out exactly what is in Obamacare, they are realizing they don't like it so much anymore. For example, Big Labor was a big backer of Obamacare, but now, citing "unintended consequences," one union wants Obamacare to be repealed.

Here's another example. Earlier this week, we reported that Obama's budget included hidden middle class tax increases due to proposed changes in accounting for inflation in Medicare and Social Security. Investor's Business Daily reported this week that a number of Obamacare's taxes operate the exact same way.

By deliberately failing to adequately adjust for inflation, liberal politicians are targeting more and more middle class families with higher taxes that we were told were only meant for the "rich." Obamacare is a repeat of the alternative minimum tax fiasco.

Again, conservatives warned Obamacare was full of "unintended consequences" and bad ideas, but liberals rammed it through while they could. Now they are starting to worry about a backlash.

Last week, Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) complained that Obamacare's rollout was "beyond comprehension." This week, Senator Max Baucus (D-MT), Obamacare's principle author, said he was "very concerned" about how it is being implemented, and warned, "I just see a huge train wreck coming."

Boy Scout Resolution on Open Homosexuality Violates Trust of Parents, Timeless Values of Scouting

April 19, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement in response to the Boy Scouts resolution bringing open homosexuality into the ranks and eventually leadership of Scouting:

"This resolution would introduce open homosexuality into the ranks and eventually the leadership of Scouting. This is totally unacceptable to the vast majority of Scouting parents who want to keep their exclusive right to discuss issues of sexuality with their sons.

"The resolution requires all Scouting families and faith-based organizations that object to homosexuality on religious grounds to affirm its moral validity. It introduces open and overt sexuality into an organization that is designed to foster character and leadership, thereby clouding Scouting's most fundamental purposes. And the proposal says, in essence, that homosexuality is morally acceptable until a boy turns 18 - then, when he comes of age, he's removed from the Scouts. The policy is incoherent and, sadly, an affront to the notion that Scouts are brave, reverent, and 'morally straight.'

"The resolution specifically references homosexual youth but this is a distinction without a difference because advancing into leadership positions is integral to the Scouting experience. This resolution would subject the organization to crippling lawsuits because the resolution jettisons the core value that homosexual conduct is immoral. This core value of the Boy Scouts was the underpinning of the U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding the existing policy.

"The stated mission and message of the Boy Scouts is clear, and changing their policies to appease one group will only encourage other special interest groups to demand that the Scouts make more changes to please them. An atheist leader has already declared that if the policy on homosexuality changes, then there is no reason why atheists should not also have their way and remove God from the Scout oath and the term 'reverence' from the Scout law.

"We will continue to work with thousands of Scouting parents and boys from across the country who want to preserve the Scouts' timeless values that have served the Scouts and the nation well for 103 years," concluded Perkins.

On May 5, Family Research Council will host a nationwide simulcast event, "Stand with Scouts Sunday," calling on the organization to reaffirm its longstanding policy on homosexuality. For more information on the simulcast, visit www.standwithscoutssunday.org.

Lest we forget: Freedom never has been free

Delegate Scott Lingamfelter

Support Scott Lingamfelter for Lt.                  GovernorOn April 19th, 1775 -- two hundred and thirty-eight years ago today -- a band of Americans defeated the British at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, sparking the American Revolutionary War. Decades later, a young historian interviewed Captain Levi Preston, one of the patriots who fought that day.

The Support Scott Lingamfelter for                Lt. Governoryoung man asked if the Stamp Act had motivated the captain to go and fight at Concord. The now-91-year old revolutionary stared back in amazement. "Never bought a stamp," he replied. Then, it must have been the Tea Act, the young man continued. "Never had a cup of tea," Captain Preston answered. The writings of John Locke, perhaps? "Never read a book other than the Bible."

Exasperated, the two men fell silent. Then, Captain Preston said, "Son, what we meant in going for those Redcoats was this: We always had been free, and we meant to be always free. They didn't mean we should."

When do you find out how much you love freedom?

When someone tries to take it away from you.

Today, the federal government is trying to take away the freedoms our founders laid down their lives for. Freedoms that too many people take for granted today.

April 26th: EW Jackson Dinner in Greene


Gary L. Bauer
American Values

Politico called the gun control votes "Obama's biggest loss" and suggested it could "foreshadow the slow decline" of his presidency. That's ironic considering how the media heralded his reelection as the beginning of a new liberal era in America.

Obama was clearly stung by the loss. At a White House press conference, flanked by former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and Sandy Hook families, Obama lashed out at the senators who opposed him. Obama said, "There were no coherent arguments as to why we wouldn't do this." He said supporters of the Second Amendment "willfully lied." And he added, "All in all this was a pretty shameful day for Washington."

What is shameful is the way Obama responded. In all my years in Washington, I cannot recall any president reacting that way to a legislative defeat.

Members of the United States Congress are not his puppets. They were elected to represent their constituents, and, unlike Barack Obama, most of them will have to answer to the voters again.

On Fox News last night, Charles Krauthammer fired back. He said:

"If you're going to make all of these emotional appeals you've gotta show that if this had been law, it would have stopped Newtown. It would not have. It's irrelevant. …
"[I]t's emotional blackmail to say, 'You have to do it for the children.' Not if there's no logic in this, and that I think is what's wrong with the demagoguery that we've heard out of the president on this issue." 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rep. Hurt’s Staff Visiting Tomorrow To Assist With Federal Agencies

Our office will be holding Local Office Hours in Campbell and Buckingham counties on Friday, April 19th, to meet with constituents who need assistance with federal agencies. For more information, please visit our Local Office Hours Interactive Map.

Friday, April 19, 2013

9:00 – 11:00 AM

Local Office Hours In Campbell County

Campbell County Public Library, Rustburg Branch

Program Room

684 Village Highway

Rustburg, VA

1:00 – 3:00 PM

Local Office Hours In Buckingham County

Buckingham County Administration Building, Conference Room

13360 W. James Anderson Highway

Buckingham, VA

Rep. Robert Hurt Floor Speech: The American People Deserve A Balanced Budget

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Robert Hurt (R-Virginia) today delivered the following speech urging the Senate and the President to work with the House toward a balanced budget:

[Click HERE]


"Mr. Speaker, the American people know that a budget is one of the most important documents produced by any legislative body.  It is a document that reflects the values and priorities of our government – and our nation.


"And while it is a document that is a reflection of today – more important, it is a document that lays out a vision for our nation's future – the future for our children, and the future they will inherit.


"So now – for the first time in four years – the American people are able to compare – side by side – the three competing visions for our future – as proposed by the House, proposed by the Senate, and proposed by the President.


"Two of these proposals would give to our children more taxes – more spending – and neither ever reaches balance.  There is only one proposal – the House budget – that would instead give to our children a balanced budget and a brighter future of freedom and opportunity.


"Now is the time to choose the budget that reflects our American values.  Mr. Speaker, the American people and future generations of Americans deserve a balanced budget."