Thursday, April 18, 2013


Rob Bell
Delegate, 58th District

The State Board of Elections recently asked Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to investigate voters registered in multiple states. (A recent database comparison showed that 97,000 Virginians voted in recent elections while also being registered in another state.)

Under current law, the only reason the Attorney General can investigate this problem is because he was invited by the Board.

This will change on July 1st when my House Bill 2331 becomes the law. HB 2331 does something simple that most people thought was already the case: it allows Virginia's Attorney General to investigate voter fraud himself, without invitation.

Even when Democrat operative Pat Moran was caught on tape discussing how to forge utility bills in order to vote, Attorney General Cuccinelli couldn't investigate without a request from the State Board of Elections.

This loophole for voter fraud will be closed for good on July 1st. Thanks again to everyone who supported the bill.

PS: The existence of duplicate registration is itself an invitation to fraud. A different bill of mine, House Bill 1764, will direct the State Board to continue to compare voter lists with other states to try to eliminate these duplicates.