Friday, April 5, 2013

Veto Session

Rob Bell
Delegate, 58th District

Great news!

Governor's McDonnell's amendments passed the General Assembly, so my voter fraud measure, House Bill 2331, will now become law. This will empower Virginia's Attorney General to investigate and prosecute voter fraud in Virginia. (Previously, the Attorney General's office had to be invited before looking into these cases.)

The Assembly also passed amendments to my HB 2269. This law will ensure that child pornographers and certain other offenders who receive multiple mandatory minimum sentences serve their full sentences.

Of course, there were plenty of other bills. There were various amendments proposed for the transportation tax package; it is still a large tax increase and I oppose it. Changes were proposed to the Medicaid commission that would have the power to expand Medicaid in Virginia. I continue to oppose this measure and have additional concerns about its Constitutionality, as expressed by Attorney General Cuccinelli in his official opinion.

Last, the Assembly passed the Governor's Amendment to limit abortion coverage under the Obamacare exchanges. While it passed the House easily (I voted yes), it passed the Senate by only one vote.

P.S. – The State Board of Elections has found 164,000 people who are registered to vote in Virginia and at least one other state. Virginia was only able to cross-reference 21 states at this time, so the actually number likely is much higher. I am hopeful that one of the new voter fraud laws (from my House Bill 1764, passed this year) will help clean this up.