Thursday, February 25, 2016

Left-Wing Extremist Kills Cop

Gary L. Bauer

Three Colorado sheriff's deputies were shot yesterday attempting to serve an eviction notice. When eight officers approached the home of Martin Wirth, he opened fire. Two deputies were wounded, one, Corporal Nate Carrigan, was killed. The other officers returned fire, killing Wirth.

There was a reason eight officers were sent to serve the notice: Wirth was a left-wing activist with a long anti-police history. He once wrote that the police were "a brutal impediment to human progress, a danger to us all." He accused them of raping and killing people.

Wirth was reportedly a leader of the Occupy Denver movement, an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street. He ran for the state Senate in 2014 on the Green Party ticket.

I doubt you'll hear much about this shooting from the national media. After all, it doesn't fit the left's narrative of "racist cops," "oppressed minorities" and "hate-filled Tea Party extremists."