Monday, July 2, 2018

Scare Pollution

By Craig Rucker,

Would EPA actually fabricate science in order to impose costly "clean air" rules on the American public?
Worse, would it also "test" human subjects by exposing them to air pollution standards its own scientists deem as dangerous and life threatening?
Well the disturbing answer, as detailed in an eye-opening book by CFACT advisor and Trump transition team leader Steve Milloy, is "Yes."
Scare Pollution: Why and How to fix the EPA is his latest book."
It details, in a compelling fashion, decades of scientific fraud and malfeasance by an agency gone rogue
Here's a short promo:
"Scare Pollution" reveals the fraudulent science behind EPA's flagship regulatory program which has been used to justify its global warming efforts and assert EPA's control over our economy. Author Steve Milloy's expose tells the story of how he uncovered the fraud via his investigative journalism, original scientific research and revealing interactions with EPA, Congress, federal courts and green activists.
EPA's economy-destroying rules depend on the false claim that particulate matter (i.e. soot from smokestacks and tailpipes) is so toxic it kills 570,000 Americans per year. EPA claims even brief exposures to typical outdoor levels in the U.S. can kill almost instantly. Milloy thoroughly debunks this claim in multiple and creative ways – thereby clearly revealing the outrageous and costly fraud EPA has perpetrated on Americans.
If you're interested in understanding how government regulation can threaten our liberties and way of life … Scare Pollution is a book you'll want to grab right away.
It's time to get informed. EPA bureaucrats want their shenanigans to be swept under the carpet.
For nature and people too,