Thursday, July 12, 2018

UNDO illegal immigration

 Don't just end illegal immigration. . .
Congress can still pass mandatory E-Verify, the best way to fix America's illegal-alien crisis. 
Let's get it done!

Most illegal aliens don't sneak across the border. They initially come with visas and passports, then simply never go home. And, of course, millions of illegal aliens are ALREADY HERE.
Mandating E-Verify is NumbersUSA's top legislative priority to fight illegal immigration. E-Verify will simply take away the incentives that entice people to come to the United States illegally in the first place -- namely, JOBS. E-Verify should be the top priority of Congress.
 I'm pretty sure mandatory E-Verify is on top of YOUR immigration policy list, so help us push Congress to do the right thing together.
And I have good news on this. Congress is considering taking up this matter again THIS MONTH!
Republicans in the House are nervous that they failed to produce anything in the last round of immigration debate and votes, last month. They know the American people desperately want mandatory E-Verify. So, votes are possible in the next three weeks. 

We came within 20 votes of passing mandatory E-Verify and 
overall immigration reductions three weeks ago out of the House. 
This can be done! We can do it!

E-Verify is a solution Americans agree on, by massive numbers. Legitimate business-owners want mandatory E-Verify, so the cheaters can't undercut them. Traditional, private-sector labor wants it, to protect American jobs and encourage increases in healthy wages.
Men, women, blacks, whites, Hispanics, legal immigrants, native-born, old, young... people of every demographic group favor mandatory E-Verify. Republican, independent and Democratic voters support it, so we feel it's the reform most likely to survive a filibuster attempt.
Unfortunately, many in Washington want MORE cheap, unskilled labor. . . even while we're still spending hundreds of billions of dollars on anti-poverty programs.
These politicians aren't worried about the workers displaced from their jobs. They like   wages so low that taxpayers have to subsidize their illegal alien workers, who mostly qualify for benefits through their kids. And vast numbers of the 50 milion working-age Americans who don't currently have a job will also remain dependent on government aid.
This push for cheap labor is a twisted way to get big government to shell out big, big money. . . and you, the taxpayer, to foot the bill! Fortunately, there's a way to fight back.
NumbersUSA informs and enables millions of Americans to raise their voices and demand that Congress work for the American people.