Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jim Gilmore: Putting Virginia Taxpayers First

The esteemed Morton Blackwell endorses Jim Gilmore for Senate. Excerpt below..

Let’s Win This Election for Virginia’s Taxpayers

By Morton Blackwel

I have known Jim Gilmore since he was age 17. I know him as the kind of leader people can count on to do the right thing. And, I know him as someone who will always put the interest of Virginia’s taxpayers first.

You may know Jim Gilmore was the son of a supermarket meat cutter and his mother was a church secretary. Because of the values instilled in him by his working parents, Jim Gilmore has become a champion of Virginia’s working families.

As Attorney General, he led successful investigations of Medicaid fraud and government waste and fought for greater consumer protection. He also was a leader in a successful national effort to stop church burnings at African American churches.

As Governor of Virginia, he kept his promise to cut taxes on working families by $1.5 billion. He also created over 250,000 jobs, led Virginia into the technology age, and dramatically boosted planning and construction for Virginia transportation projects.

Jim Gilmore is a public servant who keeps his word and fights for you. Time and again, Jim Gilmore has stood his ground against those who felt the only answer to every problem was to take more money from the taxpayers. And, he does that today in his campaign for the U.S. Senate....

And one more thing: You can be sure that, in the U.S. Senate Jim Gilmore would fight against confirmation of liberal Federal judges and fight for confirmation of conservative judges.