Saturday, October 18, 2008

Quote of the Day

"The Terrorist And The Plumber

Joe the plumber is in trouble. He has committed an unspeakable act – he spoke up for capitalism and free enterprise. He publicly spoke taboo words: “I don’t want to be taxed more just because I work harder.” But it gets even worse. His words have put the Messiah from Illinois, Barack Obama, on the defensive. There is only one solution: Joe must be destroyed. (With the media fixated on Joe, maybe Sarah Palin will get a break!)

The same media that have done nothing to investigate Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers, the same media that have ignored the relationship between Ayers and Obama, the same big shot reporters who have turned Michelle Obama into a mystery woman whose views are “off limits,” and the same media that left no stone unturned in Alaska trying to embarrass Sarah Palin – that media are now in a feeding frenzy to destroy Blue Collar Joe. And the Obama/Biden campaign is piling on, too.

In the last 24-hours the inquiring minds of the press have discovered that Joe once had a tax lien against him for $1,200. Several press outlets charged that he wasn’t even registered to vote. Then they dropped that attack and replaced it with an even more damaging charge: He is registered, but – GASP! – “He’s a Republican!”

Diane Sawyer wanted to know whether the McCain campaign had talked to Joe before he confronted Obama The Savior. (No, it had not.) Then this news broke last night – he isn’t really a plumber because he didn’t finish the Ohio licensing requirements. Before the day is over, we will know whether he ever said a cross word, had too much to drink or passed gas.

The goal is clear: Destroy Joe before Americans wake up to the fact that they are close to electing the most far left, pro-abortion, anti-military, socialism-advocating candidate in the history of the United States.

Pray for Joe, his family and his friends. Unless he recants and pledges allegiance to Obama in the next few days, Joe is toast."

Gary Bauer
Campaign for Working Families