Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sept. 12th: Take the Culpeper Bus to Washington

The Culpeper Area TEA Party has room on the bus...


Big government budgets personally impact you & your family. This is an opportunity to tell Congress to stop wasteful spending, overburdening taxpayers with more debt, and to defend our liberty and our Constitution by reducing the size and scope of the federal government.

Saturday 09/12/2009, National TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party Events in Washington, DC. Go to
March: begins at Freedom Plaza, 11:30 AM and goes down Pennsylvania Ave to US Capitol until 1PM
Patriotic Rally: 1 PM at West Front Lawn of the US Capitol

Bus transportation is being arranged through the Culpeper TEA Party Committee.
Cost: $30 round trip per person (non-refundable)
Pick-up Location: Kohl's parking lot near Wachovia Bank 795 Nalles Mill Rd & Rt 15 James Madison Hwy in CULPEPER, VA 22701 (Wal-Mart side of James Madison Hwy)

Bus departure 8 AM sharp, Saturday, Sept. 12 from the above location. A restroom will be provided on the bus.
Bus payment: no later than September 5
Make checks payable to:
Charles Duncan
2267 Welton Pond Court
Jeffersonton, VA 22724
RSVP for bus reservation: 540-937-4073
Everyone (including families) are encouraged to attend this National Rally. Come aboard our bus. Bring family, friends, flags, posters, banners, water, snacks. Dress comfortably and patriotic if you like!
Volunteers will be located at rally points and along the route to offer assistance and point out restaurants and coffee spots and Metro stops to shorten the route or to arrive directly at the Capitol.
Don't miss this opportunity to ride together in fellowship ,to stand strong in unity in Washington DC! Info about Culpeper Community TEA Party and bus tickets will be available Saturday Sept 5th at Taste of the Mountains in Madison at Booth #56 (near the Court House) for more info contact Rita Grace.
Info taken directly from with Guidelines for Volunteers and Attendees (please register if able, not required):

All volunteers and attendees should carefully read the DC Capitol Police guidelines for events at the West Lawn, and act accordingly. It is important that all volunteers and attendees read the guidelines and tell those that come with them to the Capitol.

To make this a successful event, we must work with the DC Capitol Police. If you are leading a group to DC, please print out copies of the guidelines and hand them out at organizational meetings or email them to everyone that is coming to DC.

Another thing all volunteers and attendees should remember: this is a peaceful demonstration against big government. We are protesting to defend our liberties and speak out against the size and scope of government, and it is important that our movement remain peaceful if we are to continue to build public support. We are opposed to political violence for both philosophical and strategic reasons. If you want to understand how and why peaceful protests have been successful in the past, please read A Force More Powerful by Peter Ackermann and Jack Duvall.

Here are some Do’s and Don’t’s for attendees of the March on Washington:

While participating in the March on Washington, you will be under the jurisdiction of the United States Capitol Police. Here is a list of things to remember on Capitol Grounds:

  • Signs with supports cannot be more than ¾ of an inch in diameter at their largest point
  • Sign supports must be wood and must have dull ends
  • Supports cannot have protruding nails, screws, or bolts
  • Signs cannot offer items for sale, solicit contributions, or engage in commercial advertisement of any kind
  • Signs are not permitted within Capitol buildings
  • Tents, camping equipment, bedrolls, or shelters of any kind are prohibited
  • Do not climb, remove, or damage any statue, seat, wall, fountain, or elevator tower, or any tree, shrub or other landscaping feature
  • Do not offer anything for sale or solicit contributions on Capitol Grounds
  • Firearms, explosives, clubs, missile, or any other weapons of any kind are prohibited
  • Open flames are prohibited

Failure to abide by these rules governing the use of Capitol Grounds could result in fines, arrest, or both.

Remember, above all, be peaceful and respectful. Do not give the left any reason to discredit or dismiss us!

What to Bring:
small umbrellas, hats, caps
bottled water, bag lunch
lawn chairs that you can carry in
*please don’t litter.. we will have trash cans for your use
*everything will be inspected by police

What not to Bring:
tents, canopies
nothing to stake in the ground
nothing to sell

One other point that is important: the demonstration will take place on the grassy areas in front of the Capitol. We are not permitted to protest on the streets once we complete the March from Freedom Plaza. Please fill in the West Lawn and the surrounding grassy areas, but do not remain on 1st Street. There will be lots of open space along the West Front where we can congregate and listen to the speakers. Thanks!