Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Life and Times of Leo Johnson

Family Research Council

October 26, 2012 -- Everyone in D.C. had the opportunity to see Leo Johnson today--if they opened the Washington Times. FRC's Building Manager-turned-shooting-hero was the surprise subject of a two-page, full-color photo in Friday's edition. The spread, which you can see here, highlights what the Times calls "A 2012 Moment to Remember"--Leo's award ceremony with District Mayor Vincent Gray. It was a touching gesture by the Times and a proud moment for all of us at FRC, who were reminded that tragedy is another opportunity for God to work. Even now, two months after that awful day, letters and emails are still pouring in from Americans who have been inspired by Leo's courage. Through him, people see the selfless love of John 15:13 lived out.

According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, what the nation may also see is justice. This Wednesday, the shooter, Floyd Corkins, was formally indicted by a federal grand jury on the first-ever charge of D.C. terrorism. This charge, in addition to the others already filed against Corkins, makes it clear that the law will not tolerate acts of violence designed to intimidate and silence people who support natural marriage and traditional marriage. It undermines our security as a people and the stability of our form of government.

Given this new development, we again call on organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center to stop its practice of demonizing organizations that oppose their promotion of homosexuality. As Leo can attest, the SPLC's "hate" labeling of Christian organizations fosters a dangerous--and potentially deadly--environment of hostility. It needs to stop. Until then, we remain committed to our mission of advancing faith, family, and freedom.

For more on the Corkins's case, check out Ken Klukowski's legal take on Breitbart.