Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Action Alert: Demand that Twitter Ban Hamas!

Ban Twitter

Last week, Israel launched Operation Pillar of Defense to stop the rocket fire from Gaza onto Israel’s towns and cities.  Since that time, it has been waging a war on two fronts.  The Israeli armed forces are fighting Hamas on the traditional military front with targeted strikes against terrorists and arms caches.  And Israeli spokesmen are fighting an increasingly intense war for public opinion on the internet. 

Referring to social media sites such as Twitter, Israeli military spokeswoman Col. Avital Leibovich said that in the four years since Israel and Hamas last fought, an “additional war zone” has developed.  This battle for public opinion is one which Israel may well be losing.  According to the Washington Post, “Israel might not actually be winning the Twitter war.  By one metric, it’s losing 150 to one.” 

When it comes to Israel’s military campaign, there is little that we in America can do to help.  But when it comes to this second conflict -- the so-called “Twitter war” -- there is something important we can do.  The fact is that it’s illegal for an American company like Twitter to provide services to Hamas in the first place.  We must demand that Hamas be banned from Twitter. 

The United States government has designated Hamas as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.  Under federal law, it’s illegal for any American company to provide “material support” to terrorists.  The law specifically notes that material support includes the provision of any “service” or “communications equipment.”  Twitter is currently providing Hamas terrorists with an important “service” and with powerful “communications equipment” that are crucial to furthering its primary terrorist objectives.    

The fact that a terrorist organization like Hamas with so much Israeli and American blood on its hands can use a service like Twitter is outrageous.  But there’s something you can do to stop it.  Click here now to ask Twitter and the U.S. Attorney’s Office to ban Hamas from Twitter!

Let’s make sure that Israel wins the Twitter war.

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