Sunday, February 17, 2013

Three crucial pieces of news regarding voter fraud legislation

Rob Bell
Delegate, 58th District

There are three crucial pieces of news regarding voter fraud legislation.

First: Two voter fraud bills have passed and are before Governor McDonnell.

My legislation, House Bill 1764, would stop people from voting in two different states – passed the General Assembly and is before the Governor.

My voter fraud bill, House Bill 1765, would prevent ineligible criminals from voting. This is already illegal, but we don't do enough to keep felons off the voter rolls. It just passed the General Assembly and is before the Governor.

Second: Other bills are still pending.

My third measure, House Bill 2331, would allow the Attorney General to investigate voter fraud. (Yes, you read that correctly). Currently the Attorney General of Virginia must get permission before investigating voter fraud in Virginia. The Democrats took a party line vote to oppose this measure in committee, and I anticipate a very close vote on the Senate floor.

When Democrat political operative Patrick Moran was caught on tape discussing how to forge utility bills in order to vote, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was required by law to wait for permission before his office could investigate.

Speaking of utility bills, Delegate Mark Cole's House Bill 1337 also just passed the Senate with Amendments. (I am chief co-patron of this bill.) HB 1337 this would eliminate the use of utility bills as ID for voting. In addition, there are several more Senate bills that the Assembly will take up in the next few days.

Third: I am under attack for fighting voter fraud.

Democrat Attorney General candidate Mark Herring attacked me by name for supporting bills to fight voter fraud. He went so far as to say "Republicans are focused on confusing voters …"

We want to make sure that those Virginians who vote are actually who they say they are and are eligible to vote. And that's confusing?

I can live with the criticism and attacks. That's part of the job. But I still need your help.

Please click HERE to contact the Governor's office right now, and let him know you support these crucial bills.