Monday, February 4, 2019

Northam's Nonsense, A Few Observations

February 4, 2019
From: Gary Bauer

Northam's Nonsense
As you know, Big League Politics broke a huge story late Friday.  It discovered that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam's (D) 1984 medical school yearbook page featured two men -- one in blackface and one in KKK robes.  What transpired next was one of the most bizarre examples of crisis management I have ever seen.
Northam first issued an abject apology Friday evening.  He said, "I am deeply sorry for the decision I made to appear as I did in this photo and for the hurt that decision caused then and now."
But Saturday afternoon, he held a press conference to essentially retract his apology, insisting that he wasn't one of the two men in the photo.  Northam conceded that he did appear in blackface in 1984 when he imitated Michael Jackson's famous moonwalk during a contest. 
For a moment, it seemed like Northam was about to demonstrate his moonwalking talents for reporters until his wife insisted it would be "inappropriate" to do so.
The press conference merely compounded Northam's troubles.  Not even the left-wing Washington Post is buying it, and no one is defending the governor. 
Meanwhile, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D), who would become governor if Northam resigns, is embroiled in his own #MeToo controversy.
A Few Observations
Northam has already survived much longer than former Florida Secretary of State Michael Ertel (R), who resigned within hours after photos of Ertel in blackface emerged. 
As President Trump noted, if this yearbook page had been discovered during the 2017 election, Ed Gillespie, Northam's Republican opponent, would likely be governor of Virginia today.  Where was the Washington Post's crack investigative team then?
Even more troubling is that an independent group promoting Northam during the 2017 campaign ran one of the most disgusting ads I have ever seen.  It featured a white truck driver, with a "Gillespie for Governor" bumper sticker, trying to run over four young children — two Hispanic boys, an African American boy and a Muslim girl wearing a headscarf.  
Second, while dressing in blackface is widely seen as racist, it should also be noted that Northam's nickname in college was "Coonman."  It seems obvious that Northam has a racist past.  We know by his own admission that he did appear at least once in blackface, and that may well end his political career.
But just a few days before all of this, Northam, who is a pediatrician by profession, very calmly made the case for infanticide.  Incredibly, the same "progressives" who rushed to demand his resignation for dressing in blackface were unwilling to condemn his support for infanticide. 
How is it that advocating infanticide is not a controversial view in today's "progressive" movement?
By the way, it struck me that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, would have found Northam's yearbook amusing.  She was a racist too.
Media Ignore Pro-life Protest
Last week, after Northam made his infanticide defense of Delegate Kathy Tran's bill legalizing late-term abortions, we and other pro-life groups alerted our supporters to a town hall meeting that Tran was holding in northern Virginia this past weekend. 
Hundreds of pro-life activists answered our call to action.  They showed up, and Tran cancelled her town hall meeting.  But the pro-life rally went on.
I believe that this gathering of citizens was the biggest demonstration on behalf of any cause that took place in the metro-Washington, D.C., area this weekend.  But there wasn't one word about it in the Washington Post.  To the left-wing media, it was as if this pro-life protest did not occur at all.