Thursday, January 16, 2020


By Ponch K. McPhee

Their  socialist tactics have  completely  backfired on the Liberal
Democrats who have reared their head as absolute totalitarians.
President Trump's numbers are playing to his favor by wide margins this
very moment in regions like Pennsylvania beyond the blue wall.  Trump is
at this time doing very well across the table in Wisconsin
and Michigan right in the heart of normally steadfast democratic
districts. President Trump has been able to raise off-the-table amounts
of money for re-election during this unethical and absurd impeachment
fiasco. Our great President is raising millions upon millions as I write
this because of the Speakers outrageous actions against his presidency,
which is the most successful Presidency in terms of Americanism, in more
than 100 years. Socialism's demise is more the reality in 2020 and that
is very significant to encourage and very necessary for our republic.

In the midterms, President Trump was hammered by fabricated hoaxes,
undermined and discredited constantly by media outlets, commentators and
even so called RINO conservatives who were and still are "
Never-Trumpers. That's right, RINOs galore came out of the woodwork in
the GOP, and yet he still retained the Senate in 2018. President Trump
was not on that ballot and folks I am here to remind the nation Trump is
big and bold on the ballot this time around!  President Trump on the
ballot in 2020 is a big deal and the socialist demise brings clearer
contrast to being a reality as a result. I believe we can help the
President control the Trump table and reacquire multiple seats in the
House and with your hard effort and work we will do just that.  Again we
lost dozens of Republican seats since after the 2016 victory. President
Trump was not on the ballots for 2017 and 2018 in political races across
the nation.

Speaker Pelosi and her socialist cronies would like to dangle the
impeachment carrot week upon week to sluggishly retain its scent but the
stink is on her and the leftist movement which is grasping at straws as
I write this article. More Democrats, independents, green party
participants and vast minorities of every rank and file are responding
to joining this one-of-a-kind President of the United States, Donald J.
Trump. Why are they walking away from the perils and illusions of their
previous political venues? Because they despise socialism and they truly
love this God fearing country and just like President Trump they bleed
red, white and blue for the American traditions put forth by the
founders. President Trump is going to win in 2020 and by taking with him
the House and expanding slightly in the Senate we can perhaps even undo
this un-American impeachment against him which is completely preposterous.

Republicans can win the House back by about 18 seats in 2020. I believe
many identified legitimate analysts have already stated that twice as
many could turn toward the GOP for Trump. I read awhile back that
President Trump raised nearly 25 million when he first announced?   The
President continues to raise millions even now. Recently in Orlando,
Florida the President attracted a crowd which numbered into the tens of
thousands in a 'so called' Democrat stronghold. When you consider all
the tea leaves of financial campaign support, the polls, the low
unemployment and every improvement from the border to God and prayer in
the oval office, this  President is a doer and a rock star. He will
defend our God given right to bear arms. Trump can control the tables in
2020 and we as a people can make it a total reality along with the
demise of socialism in America by remaining focused and exposing the
establishment boot lickers on both sides of the aisle. The new 
socialist Democrat party is beyond just being liberal; they have become
the worst poison of the people's rights since we were being controlled
by a tyrant king in the 18th  century.   Their investigative 
obstruction  maneuvers boarder  on anti-capitalism and anti-
Americanism, and there is no question if you even glance at it.

Concerning the blue wall -- Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin -- as I
write this article, President Trump's support grows by the second in
that region, Yes my fellow patriots, by the very second, However, we
must continue to fight hard to get out his words in every single state.
Trump's voice of real truth to retain this freedom, this republic and
our faith driven principles under one God must prevail in 2020. You need
to stay involved and get others involved, especially post millennial
youth. Post millennial youth are becoming more aware by the hundreds of
thousands... in understanding why we have sovereign liberty!

State after state opposes impeachment. The people recognize the ugly
rearing head of socialism. The migrant citizens who are now legal
American citizens remember the hardship of tyranny in their former
countries; they want nothing to do with socialism and are now more than
ever supporting President Trump. These citizens have seen the movie,
lived the hardship of establishment cronyism tyrants and they have now
become great American patriots for Trump. Like a great band wagon they
are supporting the President and the volume increases by the hour.

Should  President Trump have great success in  controlling the 2020
tables with the House, Senate and home court victory of the White House,
the  Republican House and Senate could demand all documents, notes and
records of any kind related to this entire impeachment farce, including
every and all items glued together behind closed doors by the  liberal
left, every single email or text that can be recovered or uncovered from
any of the nadler or schiff enablers or related participants there-in.
Bring it all into the light and perhaps even reverse this   unethical so
called impeachment. Following all that, an entire new investigation into
everything they did could indeed commence!

I pray it is the year of victory for American principles of God and
liberty. We will retain that unconditional  status with a 2020 success
of controlling the tables by the best of geniuses, who knows his game
and how to hold and fold 'em when its necessary. President Trump is cut
of a cloth  which shows  the very substance  and meaning of the
founder's intent.  History will be kind to President Trump because he
saved the republic! Trump is the ultimate reader of people, the best at
business dealing, and a proud husband, son, father and grandfather. He
is a true patriot who loves this republic. With President Trump we
really have a great opportunity to witness the demise of socialism in
America. Let's win the House and Senate, elect the President a second
term and then we're off to restoring and retaining our unique American
sovereignty. Can I get an Amen?