Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama will do a Bill Clinton and Gut Our Military

Without our military, we have no national security...

"With economics dominating the Presidential election, there's not much public discussion about preparing our military to meet the challenges of an increasingly dangerous world. We know Senator McCain is second to no one when keeping America strong and prepared, but Obama?

The following is a video of Obama in his own words, laying out his plans for spending on our military. Here's the challenge: of all his plans, just try to find at least one thing that would actually make our military stronger. Perhaps we can make this a contest, as it certainly isn't his plan to slow our development of future combat systems or eliminate missile defenses. Perhaps Obama's neglect of our military is why the military currently support McCain over Obama by 68% to 23%, showing that the best way to support our troops? in this election is to vote McCain-Palin."

Jeff Frederick, Chairman
Republican Party of Virginia