Friday, April 1, 2011

STOP the Spending

"As I meet with and listen to Virginians it is clear that "We the People" are ready for Washington to stop being part of the problem. We urgently need real solutions and achievable reforms to create more American job opportunities in a competitive, prospering economy and stop loading us and our children with dangerous mountains of debt. The federal government's exploding debt has become a national crisis, and it is urgent that Congress act now. Yesterday, 47 Republican Senators took a good first step to help rein in federal deficit spending and unveiled a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment. But we need to go further to change the way Washington does business.

"I have been a longtime supporter of a comprehensive budget reform plan that includes the Balanced Budget Amendment with taxpayer protection as well as presidential line-item veto authority and a "paycheck penalty" that would withhold Members' salaries when they don't pass a budget on time. If Congress didn't get paid until they completed their appropriations work, I can guarantee we wouldn't be more than halfway through the fiscal year with no budget in sight.

Incredibly, Senators Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and their followers in Washington continue to obstruct reform and defend the status quo. Serious choices need to be made in Washington. Before there is any vote to increase the debt ceiling, Democrats must allow the Senate to vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment and make immediate and meaningful cuts in wasteful spending. I don't know anyone outside of Washington who thinks the out of control, unaccountable federal government is operating at 100% efficiency. More than ever, restraint and a healthy dose of discipline is needed to control how Washington spends taxpayer money.

The 2012 election is going to be pivotal in determining the trajectory of our country. It is more important than ever to stop this unsustainable spending coming of Washington."

George Allen
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