Thursday, March 15, 2012

3 Rallies March 24, 25 Prayer and AFP 27th bus and carpool options

ObamaCare will grow the federal government into every aspect of our lives.
It will grow government into a massive bloated bureaucracy making health care decisions that directly affect you. In fact, the federal government must hire more than 17,000 IRS agents to enforce the unconstitutional law.

We need your help to stop Government run health care! VA AG Ken Cuccinelli is a confirmed speaker.
Join thousands of patriots who oppose ObamaCare. Come to Washington, DC and be a part of the Road to Repeal Rally on March 24. ObamaCare will heard by the Supreme Court of the United States the following week. We need a big turnout to influence the Justices' decision to rule the law unconstitutional.

Join us on Saturday, March 24, 2012, for the Road to Repeal Rally. SIGN UP NOW! The Road to Repeal Rally will take place at Upper Senate Park (Map). The rally will begin at 12pm noon and will conclude at 2pm. Speakers and Coalition Partners to be announced soon. Save the date and do whatever you can to make it to Washington on March 24th (Culpeper Bus $19 R/T).


"Encircle the Court in Prayer"

Sunday March 25, 2:00-4:00 P.M.

Please join us at the Supreme Court as we pray for
the most important case since Roe V. Wade

On March 26-28 the Supreme Court hears 3 days of
historic arguments on the Constitutionality of
President Obama's Health Care Legislation.

On Sunday, March 25, from 2:00-4:00 P.M., we plan
to "Encircle the Court in Prayer" praying for God's
wisdom, blessings, guidance and justice for this case.

Our prayer will be for healthcare legislation that:

Respects religious freedom and doesn't force
Catholic institutions to pay for abortion-causing
drugs and sterilization

Does not have taxpayer subsidized abortion.

Honors the Constitution.

When Roe v. Waded was decided,the Christian community was
silent.  We cannot let this happen again!  That is why it is so
critical that people of faith come out to pray and be a
public witness for justice on this case.

We will also be leaving 3,330 flowers around the
 Supreme Court to remind the Justices of the 3,300
children that die every day from abortion and the
 3,300 women that are bruised through abortion.
(Please bring your own flowers)

The nearest metro stop is Union Station or Capitol South

For more information go to:

or contact Peggy Nienaber @


Sign up for AFP Tuesday March 27 R/T Bus $10 online. Our AFP Bus has a Culpeper, Warrenton and Centerville pickup!

The US Supreme Court will be considering the constitutionality of several elements of the President's health care takeover. This may be our best chance to overturn this offense against our health care freedoms.

That's why Americans for Prosperity will be hosting a Hands Off My Health Care rally for free-market grassroots activists from across the country at Upper Senate Park on  March 27thCome join us! Please forward to family and friends. Thank you.

Appreciate Prayer, Rita Grace H# 540-937-3757