Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 13th: Rappahannock County Republican Committee

Annual Ronald Reagan Dinner


Dear Friends:


            The Rappahannock County Republican Committee requests the pleasure of your company at its annual Ronald Reagan Dinner on Saturday, April 13, 6:30 PM, at the Washington Volunteer Fire Hall, 10 Firehouse Lane, Washington, Virginia.   This dinner is a long-time tradition in Rappahannock County, and gives us pause to coalesce and celebrate those conservative principles that Ronald Reagan so eloquently lived and voiced as he served We the People.         


            Our keynote speaker will be Al Regnery, a Reagan appointee to the U. S. Justice Department, and former President of Regnery Publishing.  Al also published The American Spectator, a monthly magazine of politics, international affairs and culture; he was President of The American Spectator Foundation until 2012.  Al and his wife, Audrey, recently made Rappahannock County their new home (to the delight of everyone who knows them)!


This year we hope to begin some new traditions.  Travis Witt, a political missionary who now serves as church liaison for Ken Cuccinelli, will engage you with an abbreviated version of his portrayal of Founding Father John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg.  Travis was recently elected as a member of the Republican State Central Committee.   In addition, we will be welcoming a youth speaker whose essay will reassure you that the future generation has faith, wisdom, intellect and political savvy. 


The Reagan Dinner is a free event, but we ask attendees to bring an entrée and/or dessert to share.  If you are unable to prepare a dish, do not be deterred from attending — historically we always have an abundance of food.   The Washington Fire Hall allows seating for 100 people, so please RSVP by April 10 if you plan to attend.  You can respond by returning the enclosed Reply Memo, by phone (540.937.2650), or by email (


We are extremely proud of our slate of candidates for this year’s election.  Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is the pinnacle of our ticket, running for Virginia Governor.  His lawsuit against Obamacare was the first to be filed, and represented his ongoing battle against the government’s cunning and excessive overreach.  The Virginia lawsuit gave him outstanding visibility, not only in the State of Virginia, but also throughout the entire United States.


  The lieutenant governor’s race has seven exceptional, well-qualified contenders: Jeannemarie Davis, E. W. Jackson, Scott Ligamfelter, Stephen Martin, Corey Stewart, Pete Snyder and Susan Stimpson.   The two candidates for attorney general are familiar to many: State Senator Mark Obenshain (VA26), and House Delegate Rob Bell (VA58).  No doubt, the May 17-18 State Convention in Richmond will be a highly charged gathering of candidates and delegates!



Authorized by the Rappahannock County Republican Committee

Evelyn Kerr, Chair • 55 Journeys End Lane, Castleton, VA  22716 • (540) 937-2650