Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mark Obenshain Campaign for Attorney General Releases New TV Ad: Results

October 29, 2013

HARRISONBURG – Mark Obenshain's campaign for Attorney General today released a new TV ad: "Results." The ad features Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms, one of the more than 50 leaders in the Hampton Roads business community who announced their endorsement for Mark Obenshain earlier this month. 

Speaking about the ad, campaign manager Chris Leavitt said, "Mark Obenshain's record of bipartisan achievement means public safety officials have better tools to stop gang violence and families are now better protected from abusive spouses. This ad continues to highlight Obenshain's record of results as well as his strong support from the public safety community and Virginia's small businesses."

Mark Obenshain: Virginia police and 116 Sheriffs and prosecutors—Democrat, Republican and Independent—they endorse me because of my work protecting women and children from sex trafficking and predators. Virginia's small businesses endorse me because I support policies that create jobs.

Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms: I'm voting for Mark Obenshain for Attorney General. Mark's a pragmatic leader who brings Democrats and Republicans together to get results. Mark Obenshain has the character and bipartisan experience to do what's right for Hampton Roads. 

Obenshain's Record:


Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms, along with more than 50 leaders in the Hampton Roads business community, has endorsed Mark Obenshain in the race for Attorney General. In making his endorsement, Sessoms said, "I'm supporting Mark Obenshain for Attorney General because he understands the challenges and opportunities we face in Hampton Roads. Mark has made a career in the State Senate out of often quietly finding creative solutions to complex problems – without regards to who gets the credit. I am confident that as Attorney General, Mark will make sure that our transportation dollars are used to generate real traffic solutions. Mark will make a great Attorney General for the citizens of Virginia Beach and for the whole Commonwealth."

Mark Obenshain has been endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business. He is the only Senator over the past 10 years with a perfect 100 rating from the NFIB. His opponent Mark Herring has a lifetime rating of 64. 

Mark Obenshain has been endorsed by 59 Sheriffs and 57 Commonwealth's Attorneys in the race for Attorney General. Before removing the endorsements from his website, his opponent Mark Herring listed public endorsements from 6 Sheriffs and 9 Commonwealth's Attorneys. 

Virginia's Fraternal Order of Police, representing more than 7,500 men and women in law enforcement, endorsed Mark Obenshain for Attorney General. 

Giving Law Enforcement Tools to Prosecute Gang Violence

Early in Obenshain's Senate career, he partnered with Commonwealth's Attorneys to expand multijurisdiction grand juries to cover gang violence.

In 2013, Mark Obenshain sponsored legislation that passed unanimously in both chambers to expand the scope of multijursidiction grand juries to cover a broad range of violent crimes.

Protecting Families from Abusive Spouses

In 2007, Mark Obenshain sponsored Senate Bill 1237, which instituted mandatory jail time for repeat violators of protective orders. 

In 2008, he sponsored Senate Bill 540, which ensured swift entering and transfer of protective orders to the Virginia Criminal Information Network system. 

In 2011, Mark Obenshain sponsored legislation to expand the Address Confidentiality Program for victims of domestic violence to all jurisdictions within the Commonwealth. 

Mandatory Life Sentences for Child Predators

In 2012, he sponsored Senate Bill 436, which imposed a mandatory life sentence to those who would rape young children. 

Pushing for Laws to Combat Human Trafficking and Abuse

Earlier this year, Obenshain partnered with Del. David Bulova (D-Fairfax) to introduce legislation requiring posters advertising the Human Trafficking Hotline number to be posted at truck stops.

In August, Mark Obenshain announced measures to combat human trafficking in Virginia, including making human trafficking a stand-alone felony offense, ensuring victim compensation and adding those engaging in commercial sex with a minor to the sex offender registry. 

The Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star wrote in a recent editorial, "Attorney General candidate Mark Obenshain (R) proposes making human trafficking a standalone felony. It should be. He also would like to see forfeiture laws extended to such exploitation, as well as a Human Trafficking Task Force established to work with prosecutors, publish educational materials, and so on. The General Assembly should take note of these ideas. Virginia has come far in fighting human trafficking, but the goose isn't cooked yet."

Mark Obenshain is the Republican nominee for Attorney General of Virginia. He currently represents the 26th District in the Senate of Virginia.