Friday, February 19, 2016

This Sunday - Reminder: Ron Maxwell invites you to a meet and greet for Michael Del Rosso

You are Cordially Invited to a

Meet and Greet
Candidate for Congress Michael Del Rosso

Sunday, February 21st
4:00 pm

Home of Ron Maxwell and Karen Hochstetter
200 Fogg Mountain Ln
Flint Hill, VA 22627

A pot luck dinner will be served.

The deadline to be a delegate for Rappahannock is Februrary 28th. If you want to have a say in who our Republican nominee for congress is, please come on Sunday. We will have delegate forms.

Dear friend,

In 2014, I hosted a meet and greet that many of you attended for Dave Brat. The money we raised was crucial for Brat's cash starved campaign and helped propel him to victory over Eric Cantor. This one victory forced the GOP Leadership to completely change their agenda. The Dave Brat victory has had huge national ramifications.

The truth is Dave cannot do this alone. He needs reinforcements and I can unequivocally say that Michael Del Rosso is one of the most qualified persons in this country to be a Congressman. I have known him personally for twenty years and have been trying to get him to run for almost that long. He understands what is broken inside Congress and he has the expertise to be a leader from day one, not just another Congressman that votes the right way (of which we have too few as well). Please make every effort to attend this event on February 21st. You will not be disappointed. I encourage you to search his website to learn more about his tremendous qualifications for the position.

This is a rare opportunity that our home congressional seat has opened up. We cannot waste this seat.


Ron Maxwell

Del Rosso For Congress | 189 Brookwood Dr | Charlottesville | VA | 22902

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