Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gov. Kaine's Global Warming Boogey-Man Pleases Media General

The Wednesday, April 23, 2008 edition of The Daily Progress, Region & State section, contained another one-sided global warming scare story, generated by Media General News Service. The article, "Norfolk 2108: A sunken city?: Analysis warns of future floods," described the work of a 43-member state run climate change panel who claim the sea level will rise by at least 2 feet in the next 100 year.

Of course, the conclusions of this panel were presumably predetermined since the mission Gov. Tim Kaine assigned them was to "study how global warming could threaten Virginia and to suggest ways to combat it," according to the article. It's doubtful that any scientists who didn't swallow the global warming kool-aid were allowed to participate, even under the guise of the once highly-vaunted liberal "tolerance."

Still, Media General might have bothered to present an alternate opinion. They would have had to look no further than to a study published in the Science journal which explains that, due to long-term geological changes, the sea floor will continue to drop and sea levels will continue to fall, as they have for the last 80 million years.

Reutters picked this story up over a month ago with the headline, "Oceans to fall, not rise over millions of years," according to the May issue of The Limbaugh Letter. Media General certainly had access to this information but, of course, using it would defeat the chicken-little scenario they presented.

Media General states that, "Virginia is one of 29 states considering its own climate-change initiatives out of impatience with the federal government's inaction on the issue." Gov. Kaine even has an emergency plan which calls for reducing Virginia's greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent over the next 17 years.

That's a pretty ambitious scheme to combat something that is unlikely to happen. If only Gov. Kaine would show the same concern over something that really does affect his constituents, like illegal immigration or over-taxation.