Sunday, June 21, 2009

ABC: Shilling for Obamacare

A new email is urging a protest of ABC, the All-Obama Channel.
Fellow Patriots,

This message is likely the most important message you will receive today. Please take a moment to read it, act on it and please send it to your entire email address book, your Facebook friends, and anyone else you can think of who is a friend of liberty. Also call your local (or even national) conservative talk show host to get the word out as far and wide and fast as possible.

On Wednesday June 24th 2009 ABC will be airing an “informercial” for Obama to sell us his Nationalized Health Care Plan. They have billed this as a “Conversation on Healthcare” and yet they are not allowing the other side of the “conversation” to be heard. Just like the Russian Government run news organization TASS, ABC is becoming a state run news organization for our new socialist government and they are not allowing any alternate points of view to be aired in juxtaposition to their broadcast.

There are two problems with this “infomercial.” The first problem I have already mentioned, where our first Amendment rights are being encroached upon by the creation of a quasi-state-run media (it wouldn’t surprise me if Obama is on the verge of appointing a media Czar in the near future). The second, and more immediate concern is the shameless promotion of a National Health Care Program in an infomercial format without any objective reporting on the issue, or the ability to show any kind of alternate program or point of view. Once again, the government is setting things up to try to ram things down our throat that We The People do not want and cannot afford for us or for our children. We MUST stand up and be heard!

We cannot stand idly by and see our media hijacked and become a state-run media outlet orchestrated by Obama’s administration, nor can we simply let this National Health Care Initiative be foisted upon us without putting up any resistance. It’s time for us to act. The last time we mobilized, the media tried to ignore and marginalize us. We will not be ignored! We invite every able bodied freedom loving American to rally outside of their local ABC affiliate TV station with signs, airhorns, and other noisemaking devices so that we get their attention this time. The slogan “Silent Majority No More” can no longer remain just a slogan, it’s time to show that we are NOT silent anymore. Make it sound like midnight on New Years Eve in front of every ABC affiliate TV station across the country. Make them send their reporters out to cover it live. Continue the rally through their news hour so our fellow Americans can realize how many of us share the same view. We know that this keeps you up a little later than usual however, a little sleep lost now is better than liberties lost later. Unusual times call for unusual measures. To find out where your local affiliate is, please go to this link:

ABC Affiliates