Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pray for the Lord's Comfort and Healing

From Tony Perkins, Family Research Council

Weathering the Storm

For the ravaged town of Joplin, Missouri, the 200-mile an hour winds that whipped through on Sunday were just the beginning of a terrifying week that's taken more than 122 lives and left hundreds more missing. People had barely come out of hiding when sirens signaled that more twisters were on their way. The devastation goes on for miles, as a path of killer storms wound through parts of Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Never, in the history of the National Weather Service, has a tornado caused more deaths.

Our hearts break for all of the families who are still looking for loved ones--and for others, who are grieving their loss. We pray the Lord's comfort and healing on so many communities that have been shaken by the tragedy. For most, the church is their only refuge. Praise God that unlike these homes, which were reduced to rubble, our faith is built on a Rock. You can help ease some of the suffering by visiting the websites of the Christian relief teams who are already on the ground in states like Missouri. Samaritan's Purse and the North American Mission Board are in some of the hardest hit areas, bringing food, shelter, and manpower to the relief efforts. Send your support and prayers to the victims. One thing is for sure: the nation is in need of some divine intervention. On July 3, FRC and Christians across the country will fall on their knees and seek God's face as part of Call 2 Fall 2011. If America ever needed prayer, it's now. Log on to the website and let us know if you're "in."