Thursday, March 6, 2008

News by the Numbers: 03/08

  • 1/8 - of America’s population was made up of immigrants in 2006: 12 million illegal and 26 million legal immigrants.
  • $.076 - of every dollar of sales is profit in America’s oil and natural gas industry, which is not that much different from any other manufacturing industry, but they are forced to compete with huge government-owned oil and natural gas companies in foreign nations.
  • 9% - American citizens aged 18-64 are without a high school degree
  • 10% - the amount that hourly wages for American citizen high school graduates decreased in the last 25 years, relative to inflation
  • 12 to 27% - the rate at which homosexual men report being victims of childhood sexual abuse [which is] much higher than rates for other men, which typically range from 1 to 4 percent”, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) research
  • under 18 - the age that those who "came out" as "gay" at an earlier age were the most likely to have had "forced sex”, according to CDC research
  • 20% - the amount that hourly wages for American citizen high school dropouts decreased in the last 25 years, relative to inflation
  • 25% - of all the human intelligence obtained by the CIA from 2002 to 2006 came by using water boarding on terror leaders who have posed the utmost threat to our security. A little water up the nose and they sang like canaries.
  • 33% - of legal immigrants haven't completed high school
  • 33% - of the jobs lost by African American high school dropouts over the last few decades are due to immigration
  • 50% - of illegal aliens would voluntarily return to their countries within five years if our illegal immigration policy was "attrition through enforcement", according to the Center for Immigration Studies
  • 66% - of illegal aliens haven't completed high school
  • $10,217.04 - the amount collected in Virginia’s “Tax Me More Fund” since it was created in 2002. Kinda makes you wonder how many Democratic lawmakers calling for tax increases this year have contributed.
  • $20 million - the amount BIll Clinton stands to gain from post-presidential work as a financial consultant for longtime supporter Ron Burkle, a billionaire investor
  • $1 billion - more per day is spent by the U.S. on oil than just two years ago
  • $1.4 billion - was lost in the form of lower wages in 2006 by uneducated legal workers in Arizona who were forced to compete with illegal aliens who accept lower pay without benefits, according to Harvard economist George Borjas
  • $40 billion - the amount immigrant households consumed in public services above and beyond the amount they paid in taxes annually; adjusted for inflation and the current number of immigrants, based on National Academy of Sciences estimates.
  • 2 trillion - barrels in oil shale lie in the western U.S. and Canada. Drilling in one location is currently being held up for fear of the effect on polar bears although their population has tripled in the last 50 years.