Friday, May 30, 2008

Where in the World is Barack Hussein Obama?

Well, one things for sure, he may be dissin' our troops with appeasement entreaties to enemies of America and plans to surrender to the murderers of 9/11, but he hasn't been getting the firsthand knowledge that might be gained from actually meeting with General Petraeus. It only took 143 days in the Senate for Obama to decide to run for President but its been more than six times that long since he bothered to go see the country he plans to abandon to terrorists. Senator John McCain summed it up nicely in his email today:

"It has been 873 days since Senator Obama's one and only visit to Iraq. Yet, despite zero first hand knowledge of conditions on the ground since the change in strategy, Senator Obama advocates withdrawal of U.S. troops. While he is happy to hold unconditional presidential meetings with the world's worst dictators, he has yet to meet with General Petraeus about the improving conditions in Iraq.

Before Senator Obama decides to override the recommendations of our commanders in the field and surrender the flight, he should have the judgment to see for himself first-hand the conditions on the ground. Please click here to tell Senator Obama that he needs to see and learn about the facts in Iraq."

Let's see if Obama really means it when he occasionally wears that flag lapel pin. Does he care more about our troops, and what is actually happening in Iraq, or is it all about pleasing the leftist crowd with irresponsible rhetoric?