Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Barack's Great Giveaway

Stop Barack Obama and The Global Poverty Act
Senate Bill 2433

"The Global Poverty Act of 2007 (S.2433) is coming up for a Senate vote... according the office of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. Once Harry Reid and the Democrat leadership put it on the calendar, we could have as little as a week to prepare for the vote." - Lee Cary, The American Thinker

If Cary is right, Senator Barack Hussein Obama's only major legislative accomplishment as a United States Senator -- which according to some conservative leaders is potentially an $845 billion United Nations give away of your hard-earned tax dollars -- could be coming up for a stealth vote any day now!

Is it really possible that our federal legislators are planning to pass Barack Hussein Obama's Global Poverty Act while they think we aren't looking?

Here's what conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly said:
"Rumors have been circulating around Capitol Hill that a few activist groups have renewed their surge and have begun lobbying full force for a bill introduced by presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL). The bill has already passed out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee without any public hearings, and it also passed the House earlier this year. It is important to note that both of these votes were 'voice votes,' which was a deliberate strategy of the congressional majority so that no record would be kept of those who voted in favor of this problematic bill."
Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media recently issued the following report:
"While Senator Barack Obama struggles to keep the public in the dark about the nature of his pro-U.N. Global Poverty Act, a recent 'Bay Area Interfaith Leaders' Luncheon' was held to lobby for Senate passage of the bill, whose cost has been estimated at $845 billion..."

"Meanwhile, a concerned parent alerted us to the fact that a Christian preschool in Long Island, New York was handing out a coloring page for children which included a plea for Congress to pass Obama's Global Poverty Act. 'Dear Parents,' said the letter that was sent home. 'We would like to join efforts with the congregation of St. David's to stop world hunger. You and your child can help by coloring and signing the enclosed sheet. This sheet will be sent along with many others to our representatives in Washington....

"The [enclosed] sheet said 'Dear Senator: At Preschool, I learned to thank God for the food I eat. I also collect coins to help those who don't have enough. Today, I ask you to help, too, with more and better aid for the world's poorest countries. We want Congress to pass the Global Poverty Act. Please cosponsor S. 2433. Thank you.' The child's name and age were supposed to be filled in.

"The pictures to be colored included what appeared to be an angel holding a bowl of food (with a Valentine heart on the robe and the bowl) and a basket with apples."
Now is not the time to be caught off guard! We can still stop Barack Hussein Obama's so-called Global Poverty Act!

Sources: http://www.exposeobama.com, HumanEventsOnline.com