Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hey Congress, Lift the Oil Ban BEFORE You Take a Vacation!

Steve Elliott, President of  notes that, "Congress is about to go on a four-week vacation without taking action on rising gas prices." What's with these Democrats - don't they care about the average working person who is suffering with these high prices? Queen Nancy and Dingy Harry say, "Not my problem."

Gas prices continue to soar yet Congress does nothing!

Just the other day President Bush issued an executive order to expand offshore drilling but this do-nothing Congress hasn't taken action to lift the legislative ban that prohibits more drilling.

I believe the first vital step to energy independence is for Congress to get out of the way and allow more domestic drilling! We must show OPEC we mean business!

That's why Grassfire just launched an Emergency Petition calling on Congress to lift the ban on offshore drilling. What’s more, our petition demands that they lift the ban BEFORE they break for their month-long summer recess.

If you agree that Congress should NOT go on an extended vacation (over four weeks!) UNTIL they lift the ban on offshore drilling, please sign the petition using the link at the bottom of this post.

It is outrageous that as gas prices have soared for months, Congress has done nothing. Unlike Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the big government liberals, we don’t want our government to solve our problems -- we just want the government to get out of the way!

And right now, Congress is the last blockade stopping more offshore drilling.
This is absolutely urgent. Again, your Senators and Representative will soon be leaving D.C. for a long, summer recess.

We must band together and demand action..." Click on the link below and sign the Petition.