Saturday, July 12, 2008

John McCain: Love of Country

John McCain's campaign has released a new television ad this week highlighting John McCain's years of service to our country and his commitment to bringing real change as president. If you are seeking a true patriot to run this country, look no further.

"Please take a moment to watch this ad and pass it along to any friends and family who may be interested in watching.

As President of the United States, John McCain will always put his country first. He has done this his entire life. He has an enormous sense of responsibility and duty. When John McCain was offered a chance to go home early from prison camp in North Vietnam, he refused and put America before his own self-interest. John McCain has consistently put his country before politics and party, and will do the same as president.

Please follow this link today and watch "Love" to learn a little more about John McCain's life and why he owes so much to our great country."

John McCain Campaign