Sunday, July 13, 2008

July 26th - Madison County GOP BBQ

Keynote Speaker: Congressman Eric Cantor

Congressman Eric Cantor, Minority Whip, will be the Honored Guest Speaker at the 9th Annual Madison GOP Barbecue on Saturday, July 26, 2008, 1:00 PM, at the Wetzel Middle School cafeteria, behind the Madison County High School on Rt. 29.

Congressman Cantor has consistently worked for conservative solutions to get Washington working for the American people. Recently, he announced "a Three Point Plan to get our economy moving again."

1. Cut corporate income taxes from 35% to 25% to give American companies the ability to compete in the global economy and keep good paying jobs here in Virginia.
2. Eliminate the scheduled income increase on middle income families. This includes avoiding the return of the death tax and rate hikes on capital gains and dividend income.
3. Support exploring for American oil in Alaska and other offshore locations.

"We should also invest in alternative energy sources such as solar, wind and nuclear power in order to get rid of our dependence on foreign oil. Our economy will never be free to truly grow until we break our reliance on unstable regimes abroad," stated Cantor.

Congressman Cantor has taken a strong stand against the out of control spending in Congress by joining 22 other Congressmen to pledge not to sponsor any earmarks until Congress reforms the process.

He has also pledged to continue working to:

* "Make the tax relief package of 2001 and 2003 permanent. this also means ending the "Death Tax" which hurts family farms and family run businesses.
* Support additional tax relief for businesses to encourage job creation. We need to cut federal corporate taxes so we can compete with foreign countries and stop our jobs from leaving America- leaving many Virginians unemployed or forced to relocate to another state.
* Support our troops in the war against the terrorists and ensure they have the support needed to make the surge successful. Then we can begin a gradual redeployment of our troops and turn things over to the Iraqis."

It is critical to re-elect Congressman Cantor this November and send him back to Washington to keep fighting for conservative solutions to revive the economy, keep good paying jobs in Virginia and keep taxes low.

You are cordially invited to join the Madison County Republican Committee and the Madison County Republican Women in welcoming Congressman Eric Cantor to the 9th Annual Madison GOP Barbecue. Bring your friends and family on July 26th and show your support for Congressman Cantor. There will be lots of barbecue with all the fixin's and great fellowship. See you there.