Tuesday, July 29, 2008

News of Note

It may have been overlooked but is worth noting that the Sunday edition of the Daily Progress (Charlottesville, VA) contained an interesting Associated Press article on A7 concerning a dust-up between Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick and a detective who is "working a criminal case" against the mayor.

Incredibly, the 354-word article did not once mention the mayor's political affiliations. Kilpatrick, who pulled a Clinton and is charged with perjury, misconduct and obstruction of justice in regard to a civil trial last year, is a Democrat.

It's almost a given that if a Republican mayor of a major city had attacked a police detective serving a subpoena, it would have replaced at least one of the front page stories (quilting for area shelters, blasts in India, variable speed limits, or residential beer deliveries) with lurid details and the word Republican in at least every other paragraph.

More confounding was a commentary on page B5 from the president of the local NAACP concerning black-on-black crime. At first glance, the author appears to be abandoning the notion of victimization when he states that, "this is our problem. Others can help but we must do the heavy lifting." He seems to be embracing the concept of individual responsibility so eloquently stated by Bill Cosby.

Unfortunately, the solution sought is more of the same old liberal, big government social engineering, as if there are no social programs currently available. And, of course, the scale of these vague, miraculous programs must be "large." On a more positive note, a plea is made for buffers and cultural structures which may be an unintentional recognition of the importance of traditional families in providing the framework for a civil society.