Sunday, July 13, 2008

Obama: "Change" or Hypocrisy?

Townhall columnist Paul Jacob has a column today concerning a possible change in the constitution of Barack Obama's home state of Illinois. This November the voters in Illinois will get to decide if "a constitutional convention should be called to make fundamental changes in the way politics and governance are done," according to Jacob.

If the voters agree, this could precipitate major change in a state known for its own particular version of the Democrat Culture of Corruption.

By rights, Obama should be an enthusiastic promoter of this opportunity for change. After all, "change" has been the cornerstone of his campaign.

However, if Rev. Wright was correct, Obama is just another politician who will say anything to get elected. Perhaps this explains why Obama is not leading the charge for change in Illinois.

His supporters should ask Obama if he supports this opportunity for real reform and change or does he support maintaining the status quo for his political associates who oppose change?

If he can't publicly support "change" in his own state, why should anyone "Hope" that he will have the political will to "Change" anything for the better as President?