Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tell the White House to withdraw John Warner's Democrat judicial nomination

Senator Warner appears to be giving away the farm with this latest judicial nomination. It's hard to believe that the Senator couldn't find any Republican candidates to nominate. Does reaching across the aisle ever include reaching out to conservatives?

Disappointment… Virginia’s Harriet Miers

Last week the Administration nominated a Democrat to the bench in the Eastern District of Virginia (in Alexandria). His name is Anthony Trenga, and he was chosen from a list of names put forward by John Warner and Jim Webb.

I realize that we have a bad hand to deal with now that Jim Webb is in the Senate, but why completely capitulate and nominate a Democrat unless you're going to get something for it, like getting one of our 4th Circuit nominees confirmed? The Democrats have let those nominations languish virtually indefinitely.

This is a betrayal of grassroots Republicans in Washington (again). The White House can withdraw this nomination. I would ask each of you to call and/or email the White House and ask them to pull this nomination, or at least to get some 4th Circuit appointments for it. This is a lifetime appointment! Judges are too important to let this pass.

Here is the contact info for the White House: 202-456-1111 and

After you send your (strongly worded) comments to the White House, please pass this along to other friends that care about judges (any conservative or Republican, I would hope) and ask them to join you in this protest. Federal Judges are too important to roll over like this!

Senator Ken Cuccinelli

Virginia 37th District