Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Prayer for a Nation in Crisis

Let us pray,

Our heavenly Father, our nation is in a deep crisis. Our people are confused as to where their true values lie. Devastating political philosophies and destructive ideologies are being spread across the land. Time tested and proven godly values that have served our nation for 236 years are being questioned. The dependency and ignorance of the masses is more than devastating. Millions of our people are willing to take God out of the equation completely and supplant it with their own concocted and misguided earthly values.

Our supercilious Muslim president in the White House is the man directly responsible for this mess. He has played into the hands of ignorant citizens and corrupt politicians who will not stand up and speak the truth. Their greed for perceived power, prestige and money will not allow them to stand up.

This man, heavenly Father swooped in, out of nowhere, and rolled the American people four years ago and now he hopes to roll them again with his heinous plans for our future. His values are not even remotely connected to the values that have sustained our nation for all these years. Heavenly Father we pray for your help. Protect our military members around the globe.

We pray for our nation and in Christ name we pray,


John Underwood

MCRW Chaplain