Friday, September 14, 2012

Email of the Day

We Were Attacked-Demand an Apology


How many more American lives must be lost before so-called moderate Muslims will condemn these acts of violence by their brothers?

Our very way of life is under direct attack by the religious intolerance of a group of people who hate us for our freedom, and we must make a clear and bold statement.

That's why the Conservative Caucus, which has fought for liberty in America since 1974, is distributing letters demanding a condemnation and an apology from the leaders of every Islamic Mosque in the United States.

These Mosques enjoy the privilege of non-profit tax status, and the constitutionally protected freedom to spread their views within our communities. The least they can do is speak out and condemn these murders of their fellow Americans.


  • We demand that the leaders of every Mosque condemn the deaths of their fellow Americans at the hands of radical Muslims, and apologize directly to the families of those killed.

  • We demand that these leaders openly reject any and all efforts to spread or enforce extremist Sharia Law within the United States.

  • We demand they reject violent directives within the Quran, including Chapter 8, Verse 39, "Fight them until there is no more Fitnah (worshipping others besides Allah) and the religion will all be for Allah alone."

  • We demand that Islamic leaders around the world pledge to respect our Christian culture, the freedom of speech, and the independence of our nation from Sharia Law and religious violence.

Radical Muslim forces are rising around the world thanks to financial and military support from the Obama Administration. Americans must respond to these latest attacks by declaring that religious violence and Sharia Law will not take one more step forward within our own borders.
 to U.S. Muslim leaders, and help us reach millions more Americans with this important message.