Monday, September 10, 2012

What IS He Doing?

By Gary Bauer

Being president is a tough, demanding job unlike any other. I know -- I was there for all eight years of Ronald Reagan's presidency. So it's not surprising that, given the demands on the president's time, he can't be at every important meeting. The president must prioritize.

Exactly what are Obama's priorities? Jobs and the economy are the top priority of most Americans. But we learned in July that Obama's Jobs Council had not met in six months. Now Joe Biden is attacking proposals supported by the Jobs Council.

The president is also commander-in-chief. Maybe Mr. Obama has been busy attending to national security concerns. Then again, maybe not. 

According to an analysis by the Government Accountability Institute, Obama has missed well more than half of the Presidential Daily Briefings, where the president is briefed on critical national security issues. 

If he's not meeting with his Jobs Council and he's not attending his daily national security briefings, what is Obama doing? 

While unemployment remains above 8% for a record 43 months, Obama has attended a record number of fundraisers, and he seems to have plenty of time for golf.