Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Congressman Cantor: Working Moms & Dads Support #YourTime Bill

Congressman Cantor Remarks In Support of the Working Families Flexibility Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Last week, Congressman Eric Cantor (R-VA) delivered the following remarks on the House floor:

“Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support of the Working Families Flexibility Act.

“If you are a working parent in this country, you know from experience that there’s hardly ever enough time to spend with your family.

“Recently, I spoke with a constituent from Richmond her name is Nicole Lambert. She is a working mom who runs an early childhood education center. It is quite often that Nicole is approached by one of her employees requesting more flexibility with how they can use their overtime. Some of her employees need to take off to take their child to the doctor, some need to go meet with a teacher. But under the current law, Nicole is not able to present her hardworking staff with this option. She understands that this bill would give her employees more flexibility to balance both work, and their lives at home.


“For too long, working families in the private sector have not been able to choose a more flexible schedule when working overtime. But, for the past 30 years government employees have been afforded this luxury. It’s time to for all of us to present all parents in America with this option.

“As a father of three, I can tell you as a working parent, I know that it is very necessary to be there for your children. And I bet no matter who you are as a working parent, if you ask any mom and dad what they could use more of, it’s time. Washington should not stand in the way of any employer voluntarily offering this benefit or any employee choosing more time.

“That’s the bottom line. Washington should not be in the way of more freedom in the workplace.

“I know this policy will work from speaking with local government employees who already enjoy this advantage. Vicki, is a working mom and police officer in my district. She works long hours and she raises her children. She tells me her life is made a little easier because she is allowed to work a few extra hours and save it up in case there’s a sick day or after school event she must attend.

“It is simply unfair for those who work for Nicole, in the private sector, to be prohibited from receiving the same benefits that Vicki does as a government employee.

“This is a bill that should easily garner bipartisan support because frankly it puts parents before politics and will give people more freedom to make their lives work. There is simply no good reason to deny hardworking parents the opportunity to take their children to the doctor or to attend a parent teacher conference.

“I thank my constituents for relaying their stories to me about how this bill helps. Again, I am very grateful for the leadership and the role model that Representative Martha Roby and Chairman John Kline have set forth in this effort. This Act will help parents all across America and I urge my colleagues to support it.”

Watch Congressman Cantor's remarks HERE.