Wednesday, May 15, 2013

IRS Actions Deeply Troubling

Congressman Robert Hurt

Reports from last week that the Internal Revenue Service singled out conservative groups for heightened scrutiny in tax filing prior to the 2012 election is deeply troubling. At a time when Americans€™ trust in our federal government is at historic lows due to failures of the Obama Administration like Solyndra, Fast and Furious, unconstitutional political appointments, and Benghazi, this disturbing news of the IRS abuse of government power is cause for grave concern.

Our democracy was established upon consent of the governed - where inherently we as Americans trust that our government will govern by way of the public good and devoid of any partisan agenda. As the Washington Post Editorial Board writes, "€œA bedrock principle of U.S. democracy is that the coercive powers of government are never used for partisan purpose."€ Yet, the actions of the IRS in levying its power it is afforded by the American people to unequally and unfairly target the Administration'€™s political opponents challenges the principles upon which our great nation was founded and calls into question the integrity of this Administration.

I support House efforts to continue our independent investigation to bring the facts to light and to hold accountable those responsible for this travesty and it is my hope that an open, government-wide review will be conducted to ascertain that these misuses of power are not being carried out elsewhere in the federal bureaucracy. I call on President Obama to take responsibility for the actions of his agency and to ensure that all agencies fully cooperate with Congress to provide a full account of what transpired at the IRS. President Obama must uphold our Constitution and work with Congress to be sure this abuse of power is not still happening and will not happen ever again.

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