Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rep. Robert Hurt Casts Vote In Favor Of The Working Families Flexibility Act


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Robert Hurt (R-Virginia) released the following statement after voting in favor of H.R. 1406, the Working Families Flexibility Act, a bill that will remove outdated federal regulations to allow employers to offer private-sector employees the choice of paid time off in lieu of cash wages for overtime hours worked:


"At a time when families and individuals across Virginia's 5th District are struggling to make ends meet in this stalled economy, it is critical that we look for ways to remove the federal government burdens and make their lives easier. Removing outdated regulations which place government above the people and replacing them with policies that represent principles of freedom and choice is one step toward doing just that. I am proud to support the Workplace Families Flexibility Act so that we may put these important decisions about how we spend our time into the hands of hardworking Americans and ensure that all of our working families have a greater ability to balance work schedules with the demands of family life."


H.R. 1406 – The Working Families Flexibility Act:

  • Allows employers to offer employees a choice between cash wages and comp time for overtime hours worked. Employees who want to receive cash wages would continue to do so. No employee can be forced to take comp time instead of receiving overtime pay.  
  • Protects employees by requiring the employer and the employee to complete a written agreement to use comp time, entered into knowingly and voluntarily by the employee. Where the employee is represented by a union, the agreement to take comp time must be part of the collective bargaining agreement negotiated between the union and the employer. 
  • Retains all existing employee protections in current law, including the 40 hour work week and how overtime compensation is accrued. The bill adds additional safeguards for workers to ensure the choice and use of comp time are truly voluntary.
  • Allows employees to accrue up to 160 hours of comp time each year.  An employer would be required to pay cash wages for any unused time at the end of the year. Workers are free to 'cash out' their accrued comp time whenever they choose to do so.