Wednesday, October 16, 2019

African American Pastors Group Blasts Beto O’Rourke for Plan to Penalize Churches that Don’t Embrace Same-Sex Marriage

CAAP creates "religious freedom pledge" to protest "anti-Christian bigotry"Fulshear,

TX — October 15, 2019 — In response to remarks from presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke, Rev. William Owens, President of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP), announced the launch of the CAAP's Religious Freedom Pledge, a voter pledge that states that signatories will not vote for any candidate who would infringe on religious freedom or who engages in anti-Christian bigotry.

Former Texas Rep. O'Rourke was asked during a CNN forum on LGBTQ issues whether he would support removing the tax-exempt status of religious institutions - including churches and schools - that oppose same-sex marriage. O'Rourke responded, "yes," and went on to say that as president, he would make it, "a priority," to ensure that there would be, "no tax break," or other benefit for any organization or individual that does not support same-sex marriage.

"This is an unprecedented attack on churches, people of faith, and religious freedom," stated Rev. Owens. "O'Rourke has revealed an unpleasant truth about the progressive agenda - they will be satisfied with nothing less than driving churches and religion out of the public square."

Rev. Owens continued: "While I have no doubt that Mr. O'Rourke's plan is grossly unconstitutional, he has amply demonstrated why people of faith must pay close attention to the 2020 election. He is not the only politician who seeks to destroy the foundations of religious freedom and carry on a full-fledged attack on our churches, schools, and religious organizations. That is why CAAP has launched the Religious Freedom Pledge. When you sign CAAP's pledge, you are sending a clear signal that you will not vote for any candidate who would attack religious institutions, strip away our liberties, or engage in anti-Christian bigotry."

"Beto O'Rourke has exposed the liberals' anti-faith agenda. Now it's up to the voters to show the world that we will not allow our beliefs to be targeted by radical, out-of-touch politicians," Rev. Owens concluded.

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