Sunday, May 18, 2008

Seven Questions for Baba WaWa

You kept having affairs with married men. Why did you? Why do you?

You had to take whatever you could get?

Did you ever meet [the wives]?

Did you feel that you were in competition with [the wives]?

When you saw [the wives] sometimes they were with the [your lovers]. Did the men then acknowledge you in anyway?

So he would be with her but you would still know that he was looking at you and thinking of you?

Did you ever think about what [the wives] might be feeling or would feel if they knew? Did you ever think about [the wives]?

These were the questions Barbara Walters asked Monica Lewinsky in 1999. Now, in her new book, she admits to having been been a serial adulteress long before Monica met Bill.

"It might have helped viewers process that interview with some on-screen graphics that said 'Barbara Walters has been a mistress just like her interviewee,'" said Tim Graham, MRC Director of Media Analysis in a recent email.