Sunday, July 27, 2008

If you like those high prices at the pump, thank a Democrat

The Center For Individual Freedom hits the nail on the head with this analysis (excerpt below) of the Democrat energy blockade. It certainly seems mean spirited of the Democrats to continue to stand in the way of American oil and gas production. Instead of working to help average Americans, they are busy pushing eco-communism, allowing Americans to be held hostage at the gas pump.

Pelosi and Reid aren't simply out to lunch; nor are they simply proposing "solutions" that make no sense whatsoever and will do NOTHING to lower the price of gasoline at the pump.

In actuality, they are actively blocking the ONE THING that will help lower the price at the pump and bring relief to millions of Americans; namely, lifting the congressional moratorium on offshore drilling.

Pelosi even went so far as to call drilling domestically "a complete hoax."

Essentially, Reid and Pelosi are saying. 'No drilling in Alaska. No drilling offshore. No drilling wherever oil can be found.' As for those who can't afford gas or food: 'Let them ride bicycles.'

According to the Capitol Hill newspaper The Hill, an unnamed Democrat confided that the REAL Democrat energy strategy is "driving small cars and waiting for the wind."

But in actuality, Reid and Pelosi's energy strategy can be summed up in one word: SOCIALISM!

Reid and Pelosi's energy policy appears to be consistent with the increasingly overt Socialism that they believe is the answer to all of our nation's problems: 'Why not just turn our lives over to government and be done with it?'

Obviously, whether it's energy or health care, some Members of Congress want government to either control or outright own the means of production. They're no longer hiding their intentions!

Why do liberals keep telling us that it will take "10 years" to recover and bring significant amounts of domestic oil to market (which, by the way, according to some is a high estimate)?

And then, in the same breath, advocate so-called alternative energy "solutions" even though (in many cases) no one has any idea how long it would take to bring these solutions to market or if they'll even be affordable.

Why do liberal legislators prohibit us from drilling where we know there IS oil unless the oil companies agree to drill where there IS NOT oil (or it's simply cost prohibitive to recover)?

And finally, why are Pelosi and Reid pointing fingers at everyone else even though gasoline prices have doubled since the Pelosi-Reid gang took control of Congress?

And why are they proposing so-called solutions that will only compound our problems?

But Reid and Pelosi aren't really trying to find a "silver bullet to fix it."

It really is about "Socializing" and "Nationalizing" and "driving small cars and waiting for the wind."

That's NOT the American way!

Jeff Mazzella