Monday, July 21, 2008

Rejecting the Liberal Acceptance of Illegal Behaviour

Jim Robb, Vice President of Operations at NumbersUSA has good news! Only 28 more signatures and Queen Nancy won't be able to keep the lid on the rebellion.

"Did you realize we are just 28 signatures short of changing history?

There's a rebellion afoot in the U.S. House of Representatives. What kind of rebellion? A rebellion against . . .

. . . greed, indifference, and a House leadership uncaring of the plight of ordinary Americans. (It's about time there was a rebellion. New polling shows that only 18% of Americans are happy with Congress!)

You've heard of the SAVE Act by now, haven't you? It should be called the "Solve Illegal Immigration Act," because that's what it will do.

Our champion, Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC), has written a masterful bill that would choke off illegal immigration at its ultimate source--jobs going to illegal aliens.

By requiring employers to verify the Social Security numbers presented by new employees with a simple government database, most illegal aliens can be found out and denied jobs.

Added to the great additional border protections in the bill, shutting off the job magnet will gradually send most illegals packing for their home countries. For them, it will be too hard to get in with less gain in staying.

Now Shuler's brilliant bill has a real chance of becoming law. Our friends in Congress have launched an end-run against Nancy Pelosi and her House leadership.

A "discharge petition" effort has been launched. If a majority of the House members sign the discharge petition, Pelosi will be forced by House rules to schedule a vote on the bill. Passage would then be virtually guaranteed, since the majority are already on record supporting it.

We are now only 28 signatures short of success in the petition. This is big news! Only about two dozen discharge petitions have ever succeeded, and we are close to achieving that."

Jim Robb