Thursday, August 28, 2008

Barack Obama = Higher Taxes

Left-wing liberals love the idea of higher gas prices, higher taxes, and bigger government...
"In the last days of the session before the Senate recessed for the summer, the Democrat leadership – including both Senators Obama and Biden -- refused to even consider ways to lower the price of gasoline in order to help the American people. There seems to be lots of talk and very little action.

Barack Obama, Joe Biden and their friends are promising a lot of things to the American people, but the only thing that will be guaranteed if they win, is that your taxes will go up. Not just the taxes on the wealthy, but the taxes on virtually every hardworking American.

Senator Obama has made so many promises to the American people that I sometimes wonder if he has even tried to figure out the costs of all of these programs. His idea of solving the problems confronting America today is to increase the size of the government, and to raise our taxes to try to pay for all of the bureaucratic programs he's proposing."

Bill Frist, M.D., Chairman
Volunteer Political Action Committee